New Seasons’ Rohter retires

Brian Rohter, CEO of New Seasons Markets, announces that he is stepping down.

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New Seasons Markets CEO Brian Rohter announces that he is retiring and handing control over to President Lisa Sedlar.

But the owners say the change won’t be noticeable, even with the introduction of new investor Endeavour Capital.

“From the beginning, when the three (founders) sat down to talk about what we wanted to do, we had to think about what the end game would be — and we always knew what end game we didn’t want,” Rohter said. “We didn’t want to be swallowed up by another large company. We didn’t want to become a division of someone else.”

Rohter said Endeavour, which helped create employee-ownership programs at other Northwest-based chains Bi-Mart Corp. and WinCo, will look at the potential for such a program at New Seasons. Rohter said the company and Endeavour also will be looking at the possibility of a community-owned business or a combination of the two.

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