Springfield’s inventory surprises

City councilors expecting a shortage of buildable residential property learn there is a surplus.

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An inventory of buildable residential property in Springfield found that the city was short by more than 300 acres for it to meet its 20-year growth projections.

But due to an error in calculation, city councilors later learned that there is actually a slight surplus of land, creating concern among developers.

Springfield’s early estimates suggested it might be short by as much as 1,000 acres of land for homes. But by August, with the help of local consultant ECONorthwest, the city concluded it was short by only 344 acres of the land it would need for housing by 2030.

But Monday night, Springfield planning supervisor Linda Pauly explained that that total was based on a mistaken assumption that housing could only be constructed on land that had no more than a 15 percent slope.

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