Nike forms waterless fabric dyeing partnership

Nike formed a partnership with a Dutch company that has developed a way to  dye fabric without water.

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Nike formed a partnership with DyeCoo Textile Systems, a Dutch company that has developed a way to dye fabric without water.

Traditional dyeing techniques can use around 40 gallons of water to dye just two pounds of textile materials, and as much as 39 million tons of polyester is projected to be dyed annually by 2015. DyeCoo, though, employs a process that uses fluid carbon dioxide to dye fabric.

“There is no water consumption, a reduction in energy use, no auxiliary chemicals required, no need for drying, and the process is twice as fast,” DyeCoo CEO Reinier Mommall said in a news release. “The technology can also improve the quality of the dyed fabric, allows for greater control over the dyeing process, enables new dye capabilities and transforms fabric dyeing so that it can take place just about anywhere. We hope more industry leaders will join us in leveraging this innovative technology in the near future.”

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