TriMet votes to withdraw from Boring

TriMet withdraws from Boring, saving area’s businesses over half a million dollars each year.

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TriMet’s Board of Directors voted unanimously to stop providing service to Boring, which will save the unincorporated area’s businesses over half a million dollars in taxes each year.

The move comes after a group of business owners filed a petition in September with the support of hundreds of residents. Petitioners argued that with about 8,000 Boring residents, the average four riders who use the bus service per day — only about one of those boarding or departing in Boring — don’t justify the  $600,000 business owners pay in taxes to for the service, especially since more than half of Boring’s residents live at least half a mile from a stop.

During today’s meeting, board members expressed sympathy for those in Boring who pay taxes and receive little or no benefit from the agency’s service.

Board member Steve Clark talked about the TriMet board’s commitment to creating a community culture and improve transportation services. Though he is saddened by the idea of reducing service to an area, he said, TriMet and the Boring and Kelso areas are not a good fit for one another.


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