Burger joints? No beef

Local burger joints survive the burn of the downturn with loyal customers and low prices.

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Across the nation, quick-service restaurant sales are actually up 4 percent from last year, while full-service sales are expected to increase only 1 percent. And while other industries are getting grilled, local burger restaurants continue to prosper as customers seek lower-priced meals and consistent quality.

While the recession has taken bites from revenues, owners at a handful of longtime local burger joints say they’re holding their own. They attribute their stability to a few basic ingredients: prices, quality, consistency and service.

“We’re not in the construction business, which is bad, and we are not in the real estate business, which is obviously bad,” said Bill DeGree, 60, owner of Dandy’s Drive-In on Third Street in Bend. “Right now, I’m just doing exactly what I’ve always done, and it’s working.”

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