Bend-based burger joint expands to Portland’s Hawthorne restaurant cluster

Next Level Burger, which serves plant-based meals, opens in Portland after a year-and-a-half of operating solely in Central Oregon.

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Next Level Burger, which serves plant-based meals, opened in Portland after about a year-and-a-half of operating solely in Central Oregon.

It is not your typical fast-food burger joint.

Think burgers (eight in all, made with ingredients like soy, ancient grains, black beans and sprouted tofu), French fries, milkless milkshakes, Cobb salads, and chili cheese dogs, all of which are vegan, and if you ask, oftren gluten-free, too.

Among the other items available: tater tots, sweet potato fries, chili cheese fries, kraut dogs, cookies ‘n’ cream milkshakes, grilled cheeses, and a trio of kale salads.


Co-owner Matthew de Gruyter said the company wants to enter the Seattle market if its foray into Portland goes well.

“Our Hawthorne Next Level Burger has been built to reflect Portland’s DNA,” Matt de Gruyter wrote in an email. “From locally sourced, reclaimed wood to local craftsmen, we’ve worked hard to make this NLB Portland’s own.”


In other Hawthorne restaurant news, Pastaworks will be leaving its current location in favor of the De Soto Building on NE Sandy.

Kevin de Garmo of Pastaworks, his wife Kaie Wellman of the guides series and Whole Foods Market veteran Bruce Silverman own Providore. Pastaworks will be its anchor tenant.

“Transitioning Pastaworks from its original location on Hawthorne to Providore Fine Foods will allow us to continue bringing our customers a high-quality, unique food and wine experience with added conveniences such as on-site parking, eat-in dining options, and an event space for wine tastings, cooking classes and food-related events,” Wellman said in a release.

(SOURCE: Portland Business Journal)

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