Jordan Schrader Ramis PC – Off the Record, September 2010

The current newsletter is available from Jordan Schrader Ramis PC, featuring “Succession Planning For a Closely Held Business”
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The current newsletter is available from Jordan Schrader Ramis PC, featuring:


Succession Planning For a Closely Held Business
Succession planning for a closely held business is an orderly, structured plan for the transfer of the ownership, control, and management of the business. Each of these elements — ownership, control, and management — must be separately evaluated and a transition plan for each element developed.
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All in a Day’s Work
Sounds pretty simple; your employee works “A” hours a day at “B” dollars per hour, and at the end of a stated period you pay the employee “C.” Pretty simple. It doesn’t get much more difficult than that, you say. But wait! Your employee is now asking to be paid for a cab ride to the airport after work to catch a plane for a business trip out of town, for the time spent driving to a conference, and for time spent waiting at a loading dock. Are you required to pay travel pay? This article provides employers with some general guidelines to follow to avoid potential wage claims or other state or federal administrative action.
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Avoiding Costly Mistakes When Planning a Technology Upgrade
Investing in significant software technology can be a business-altering and expensive experience. According to Gartner, one of the world’s leading information technology (IT) research and analyst firms, 70 percent of all major software technology projects fail to some degree, and 25 percent of completed projects are eventually abandoned.
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