Jordan Schrader Ramis PC – Off the Record, November 2010

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Party On!
Any gathering of employees may create an opportunity for accusations of harassment, especially when alcohol is involved, as it often is during the holidays. This is also a time of increased stress, when employees are concerned about their financial situations as well as the possibility of job loss as a result of budget cuts.

To minimize the possibility of employment-related lawsuits arising out of holiday parties, every employer should have in place a written harassment policy that specifically states what conduct (verbal, visual, or physical) can constitute impermissible harassment.
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Competitive Bidding — Tips & Traps
Mistakes happen in competitive construction bidding. Bidding instructions are often confusing, and bids are evaluated by contracting authorities whose expertise varies greatly. Contractors also frequently receive pricing from subcontractors and suppliers only minutes before the bid deadline, leaving no time to verify that they have not excluded or omitted work items or to check their assumptions and calculations. Having a strategy for catching and responding to mistakes is critical.
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Integrated Project Delivery — So Far, a Great Idea
Integrated Project Delivery (“IPD”) has been the topic of much discussion over the past several years. Despite being heralded as revolutionary, IPD has not become the gold standard in construction project delivery; it remains just a great idea that is sparingly used.
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