Jordan Schrader Ramis PC – Off the Record, October 2010

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The current newsletter is available from Jordan Schrader Ramis PC, featuring:


Entity Choice as a Wealth Transfer Method
There are many forms of asset transfers used for intergenerational shifts of ownership and wealth, from trusts to shared ownership options. These can be used too for pure ownership transfers to nonfamily members in succession planning. Use of a simple entity is also a good choice. Using a limited liability company (LLC) or limited partnership entities, together with judicious gifting techniques can make this choice very effective.
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Hungry for Construction Work? Don’t Eat a Bad Contract
When project funding finally comes through, owners and contractors alike are eager for shovels to hit the ground. Owners are reluctant to engage in what they perceive to be time-consuming contract negotiations, and contractors are fearful that resisting unreasonable contract terms will give the work to someone else. Contractors under pressure to quickly execute contracts with minimal or no modification should pay attention to these important points.
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Getting Paid — Getting Difficult
Every contractor, supplier, materialman, and design professional can tell a story about not getting his money on a project because of a minor technical slipup in complying with Washington’s lien laws. As if it were not difficult enough to get paid in the current economic environment, the Washington Court of Appeals has made it even more difficult for those working in the construction industry.
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