Tax anger helps GOP

Backlash over Oregon’s increased taxes on corporations and high-income households helped Republicans win a strong hand in the state Legislature.

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Furious with increased taxes on corporations and high-income households, a small band of Oregon business leaders organized to improve the Republicans’ position in the Legislature.

There’s no doubt that the dismal economy and the public’s deep dissatisfaction with government swept Republicans to victory across the country last Tuesday.  But here in Oregon, fallout from tax Measures 66 and 67 also may be responsible for the Democrats’ downsizing from a 36-24 supermajority in the House to a 30-30 power-sharing split with Republicans.

In the state Senate, with two races still close, it appears that Democrats will lose two seats but retain control with a slim 16-14 majority.

No one is boldly calling for repeal of the tax increases passed by the Legislature in 2009 and ratified by voters last January. At the same time, coalition member Jon Chandler, a lobbyist for the Oregon Home Builders Association, said he “wouldn’t be surprised to see an effort to make them temporary.”


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