Mark Holloway and David Kahl

We chat with power couple CEOs Mark Holloway and David Kahl.

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 Mark Holloway
CEO, Social Venture Partners
Born: Central Louisiana

David Kahl
Founder/CEO, Fully
Born: New Orleans

pc0918splashHOW WE MET
SBNY Nightclub, New York CityHalloween | 2004

M.H.: “David was super handsome and low-key. He was standing near the dance floor watching the action. The following weekend, we went as Tarzan and Jane to his friend’s Halloween party.”



D.K.: “Besides having a lot in common around values and our approach to life, we discovered we were both from Louisiana. It felt comfortable and natural being with Mark from the very beginning.”


Hood River | 2014

M.H.: “One of the best moments was having our friends toss us in the air. It was a frightening but powerful moment of trust and calm as we locked eyes with one another.”

D.K.: “We were in midair but deeply connected with one another, surrounded by love, family, friends and the splendor of Oregon.”



M.H.: “He’s the steady one. I’m the wing nut. He gets our travel booked months in advance. I’ve got the snacks and ideas for fun. He provides a strong foundation. I bring the color.” 




M.H.: “SVP values trust-building and partnership with community as a core value. That we have committed to doing what it takes to advance racial equity, which lies at the root of the educational disparities.”

pc0918fully logo yellow lo 360

D.K.: “I love creating things — an innovative company, a new chair or a new way to process a return.”

 pc0918FullyStudio david


D.K.: “To become a better leader. I’m evolving into a leader who needs to learn how to add value to the company in ways other than operating it.”

M.H.: “Making Portland the best place in the world to be a kid. As a start, we are going to ensure that every kid and family in our community has access to quality preschool.”


Argentina | Thanksgiving 2017

M.H.: “We share an appreciation of great architecture, great food and the beauty of nature. We hit Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls to get a taste of it all.“

D.K.: “An awesome vacation to Southeast Asia a couple of years ago. I’m an urban guy at-heart and appreciated Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi. But what stuck with me were the quieter times in the smaller towns and at the temples.”



M.H.: “I’m an artist without a recognized medium. I like creating beauty in our house, in the yard, presents, plates of food, events, what I wear.”

D.K.: “A hobby? What’s that?”



M.H.: “It addresses the boost to your business/ nonprofit when you carve out strong roles and partnership between a visionary and ‘integrator,’ as they call it.”



D.K.: “It’s full of great reminders for me to stay connected with my emotions and to not back away from uncomfortable situations.”


pc0918 table castiron

M.H.: “We recently had a beautiful table made for our new home. It’s big but narrow, so people remain close to one another. We both value family, heartfelt connection and good food. We’re creating that around our table.”

D.K.: “This cast-iron Dutch oven was Mark’s grandmother’s. It has been the vessel for so many meals throughout its existence, and a little bit of each one of those dishes seeps into the iron.”