Power Couple – Su and David Embree

We talk to Portland power couple Su and David Embree about married life, ambitions and the importance of dates.

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Su Embree
President, DHM Research 
Born: South Korea

David Embree
Founder of DateNight, owner of Digital Clicks
Born: Salem

How we met
On the MAX Light Rail at Portland Airport, 2007
S.E.: “He was very handsome, very approachable. Once the train started, I didn’t even notice other people. It was like we were in this bubble until it was time to get off the train and then I realized how full it was.”
D.E.: “I got off a flight in PDX and got on the MAX. This woman with long brown hair, a long red jacket and a silver wheelie bag got on. We started talking about running and skateboarding. We talked the whole MAX ride.”

Brasada Ranch near Bend, July 2016PC0219weddingpicBrasadaRanch
S.E.: “We both have a love affair with Central Oregon. We wanted to share that with our family. I loved the ceremony; it was very intimate: The sun was setting and we were outside on a small lawn. You could see the mountains.”

Honeymoon: Athens, Mykonos, SantoriniPC0219HoneymoonMykonos

Marital dynamic
S.E.: “There is a lot of respect with sprinkles of giggles and laughter. We definitely make sure we spend dedicated time together beyond, say, vacations. There is a lot of give and take in things we do.”
D.E.: “I am wondering what our spirit animal is: maybe a little fuzzy puppy. [laughs]


Work-life balance
S.E.: “He is really good about planning dates. I am not great about spontaneity. I am better at planning, say, vacations for the whole year.”
D.E.: “It really comes down to conversation and planning. It is managing the logistics, then also making sure we have exciting stuff planned that we can look forward to.”


Taylor, 20 Madison, 16

S.E.: “I love spending time outdoors and exploring places. I enjoy spending time with my brother and two sisters [Su’s brother is four-time Paralympian Will Groulx]. My mom still lives in Tennessee. We take it in turns to send her a plane ticket to visit us.”

PC0219Su Paralympian

D.E.: “For years I have been an endurance-sports enthusiast. I joined a nonprofit, Leave It on the Road, that raises money for cancer charities. We do a big bike ride each year that raises money for a different cancer charity.”

PC0219 leaveitontheroad

What I’m reading
S.E.:The Soul of America by Jon Meacham. It is so fascinating to read his assessment of the character of past presidents and why they made relevant presidents at that time. Though he hasn’t talked a lot about the current administration, I think this book is an attempt to imply presidents require certain esteem and character to lead. And that is not always present.”

PC0219 soul of america

D.E.: “I just finished The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller. Not only is it well written and an interesting story, it is also a book of fiction. I read so much nonfiction that I love to take time and read something fictional.”

PC0219 songsofachilles

S.E.: “I would love to get on a national board for greater influence, specifically related to helping students of color as well as supporting female entrepreneurs. I would love to see the nonprofit I cofounded, Emerging Leaders, continue and create a legacy around that. I am also starting a new restaurant. I am going to provide a nutritious and tasty option for Asian cuisine that is not available in the market.”

PC0219SuOCF                                                                                                Su is a board member of the Oregon Community Foundation

D.E.: “The company I am starting is making an app called DateNight. It is built for existing couples to have fun dates together. My plan is to get it launched here in Portland, get it thoroughly tested and grow it across North America.”