News roundup

Ten years after the financial crisis, telabortion reshapes political debate and a coastal legislative summit tackles carbon pricing.

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Here’s a roundup of stories posted on this week:

Ten years ago this September, the bottom fell out the financial markets. The event set in motion the worst recession since the Great Depression and devastated millions of Americans who lost their homes. Research editor Kim Moore interviewed four experts about where they were during the crisis, and the chances of a similar crisis hitting again.

Check Caleb Diehl’s post on this week’s legislative summit in Lincoln City.  Topping the agenda was a cap and invest carbon pricing program, which is expected to take center stage in the 2019 Legislative session.

Erika Bolstad has a fascinating profile of Myles de Bastion, a deaf musician who runs a startup and non profit aimed at bridging the hearing and non hearing worlds. The article suggests thinking on diversity is maturing beyond race and gender to include other kinds of differences that impact workplace success. On that note: Watch this space next month for an article on the “neurodiversity” movement.

Caleb also has a story on stock buybacks, pegged to Nike’s announcement that the company will be buying back $15 billion in shares.

Not to cast a gloomy shadow… but Jason Kaplan’s photo of the week captures the new normal in Portland and other Oregon burgs: city skylines enveloped in a smoky haze. The persistent haze raises questions for urban business associations like PBA and BBPDX, which may have to add wildfires to homelessness and traffic as one of the top issues impacting the Oregon business climate.

Finally: Reproductive health is back in the political spotlight.  Read this story about digital health and science reshaping the abortion and contraception landscape.

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