Photo gallery: Dispatch from Bangkok

Caleb Diehl
Dave Girard, representing Peterson Pacific Corporation, meeting with a Thai waste-to-energy company

On the scene as Oregon renewable energy companies seek economic partnerships in Thailand.

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 Electric motorbikes on display during ASEAN sustainability week

IMG 1314

Nyah Zarate, CEO of Continuous Solutions, at the Oregon booth

IMG 1323

Meetings inside the Oregon booth

IMG 1327

Dave Girard, representing Peterson Pacific Corporation, meets with a Thai waste-to-energy company.

IMG 1328

 Monks scope out clean energy technology.


Shelley Peng from Energy Storage Systems meets with a Thai engineer interested in collaborating on a few small solar projects to test the new battery technology.


 As part of Thailand’s push for electric vehicles, officials are seeking to electrify all of Bangkok’s iconic tuk tuks. Because electricity is cheap fuel, “this will be good for the poor,” said one official. The prototype has a range of 120 km.



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