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Celebrating the 100 Best Green, Kate Brown goes on the road and reporter Caleb Diehl is off to Thailand.

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This was a big week for Oregon Business

We hosted our 100 Best Green Workplaces event yesterday, and as always, a rollicking good time was had by all. Keynote speaker Jacqueline Drumheller, Alaska Airlines sustainability manager, wowed the crowd with a funny but compelling narrative of everyday folk at Alaska Airlines growing the in-house sustainability program into a powerhouse. 

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Our June cover story is a great long read by Bend writer Tim Neville.  Tim accompanied the governor as she travelled to central and eastern Oregon to share her vision for prosperity and initiate a series of budget conversations ahead of the November 2018 election and the 2019 legislative session.

0618 Cover GovBrown

Alaska Airlines showed up (again) in our June feature article about greenhouse gas emissions and the airplane and maritime freight industries.  Read the article, Elephants in the Room, here.

Reporter Caleb Diehl is off to Bangkok on Sunday, where he will embed with Business Oregon on a trade mission to the ASEAN clean tech trade show.  Follow him on twitter and watch for his reports on OregonBusiness.com.

Caleb recently took a slightly shorter trip, to The Dalles, where he posted this wonderful and timely profile of the “Right Wing Cafe,” a daily meetup of civic and business workers and retirees. 

Kim Moore continues her exploration into pollution on the Deschutes River. Her latest in a developing series looks at pollution trouble on the Crooked River, and lack of money to address the problem.

Finally: It’s 2018, and cosmetics for women of color are just now getting off the ground: Paula Hayes, CEO of Hue Noir, explains why. 

What we’re reading in other news outlets:

Michael Russell of OregonLive delivered a big dis to Portland’s big name doughnut shops, Voodoo and Blue Star.

The popular attractions ranked toward the bottom of a donut taste test, the results of which were published in print today.  It took a light hearted food review to underscore just how big a role marketing plays in building food brands in this city.

Several media outlets reported on new developments in Portland’s fast moving urban mobility sector. Fresh off a merger with BMW’s ReachNow, Portland-based Moovel is moving into microtransit, CEO Nat Parker tells Forbes; dockless electric scooters are en route and  Uber and Lyft are now strange bedfellow partners in Biketown

The Salem water nightmare continues to unfold, as the alert around low level toxins continues.

A new journallsim outlet may give the Oregonian a run for its money.  Malheur Enterprise publisher and former Oregonlive editor Les Zaitz is launching a new “Western Oregon” digital media operation.


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