Editor’s Note: Weekly roundup

Outdoor industry brand ambassadors, Columbia Gorge congestion and South Coast economic development mark the weekly lineup.

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Reporter Caleb Diehl has written a long, fascinating account of changes underway in the outdoor gear marketing industry.  His article, titled Brand Sherpas, is a deep dive investigation into the world of influence marketing, the commercialization of the outdoors and the refashioning of outdoor brands as guardians of the natural environment.

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More Caleb. More outdoors.  Caleb reports on changes coming to one of the most popular hikes in the gorge: Dog Mountain. In an effort to manage congestion on the heavily used trail, recreation managers are implementing one of the first permitting systems in a day use area. The system offers a glimpse of what may eventually be a gorge-wide congestion management scheme.

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Research editor Kim Moore continues her reporting on changes afoot in corporate governance.  Last week the state of Oregon took legal action against the board of Wynn Resorts for concealing former CEO Steve Wynn’s sexual assault and harassment of employees. As Kim writes, the suit “is a warning to corporate boards that they will be held accountable for failing to carrying out their fiduciary duty by investors of all stripes.”

Samuel Baugh is the executive director of the South Coast Development Council. He offers up a blueprint for reviving the struggling south coast economy.coastal revitalization


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