Video: Bitcoin ATM returns to Pioneer Place

In which we go to the mall and catch up with Bitcoin buyers and sellers.

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As soon as we heard the Bitcoin ATM had come back to Pioneer Place (it had been removed during a remodel), we rushed over to report on cryptocurrency and the common man. 

IMG 0886

We found him, selling Bitcoin to escape the recent market crash.

We weren’t prepared for what happened next. We posted a video clip on Twitter, and cryptocurrency optimists blew up our feed.

They chastised the aforementioned Bitcoin seller for his impatience, saying “weak hands thanks for your bitcoin,” and calling the price drop “the normal ups and downs of a currency and new technology.”

Today, we caught up with another techno-optimist who was investing small amounts in Bitcoin. He talks about how to use the ATM, and explains why Bitcoin hype isn’t over yet. 

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