This week’s picks

Food waste, Amazon and Nike dominate our coverage this week.  Plus, what will happen if the Trail Blazers take a knee?

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Check out a few of the stories that appeared on this week.

1. Wasted
Companies chuck thousands of tons of food a year.  Now they’re on a mission to unspoil the future. (Our October issue cover story).
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2. Amazon looms larger in Oregon.
The e-commerce giant is marching south.
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3. Bike manufacturers struggle to adapt to changing shifting buying habits.
Oregon’s bicycle manufacturing sector is dominated by a lucky

4. Oregon slow to protect against seismic fire hazards.
Fire is one of the biggest threats to life and property after an earthquake. Oregon isn’t doing much to prevent the damage.

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5. Despite setbacks, analysts still bullish on Nike.
Although industry watchers say the company’s grip on the sneaker market is slipping, analysts express optimism about Nike’s new consumer-focused growth strategies.

6. What will happen if the Trail Blazers take a knee? 
Reporter Caleb Diehl asked the question.