Power Couple: Jenna Adams-Kalloch and Andrew Kalloch

Our new Power Couple feature debuts with a snapshot of two Portland millennials working in the smart transportation and sharing economy sectors.

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Jenna Adams-Kalloch | Andrew Kalloch

J.A.K: Policy Advisor, Office of Innovation, ODOT; Brooklyn Law School, J.D. 2010; La Grande, Ore., native

A.K: Lawyer, Public Policy Division, Airbnb; Harvard Law School, J.D. 2009; Hamilton, Mass., native

How we met
Seal of the New York City Comptroller
City of New York, Comptroller’s Office (A.K: Deputy Policy Director, 2014-2016  J.A.K: Director of State Legislative Affairs, 2014-2015)

J.A.K: “We were in the same office. Then the same basketball team. Then he started writing me love letters.”

: “The fact we found each other at work indicated the commitment we had to public service.”

Blumenauer Bike Lapel Pin copy

J.A.K: “This was in the first letter he gave me. Andrew wrote Rep. Blumenauer’s office, saying, ‘I’m falling for a woman from Oregon. I would love to have a bike pin.’”

“It took a village. Jenna’s a big fan of Earl’s. She loves to bike. I could think of no other way to get it.”

Adams Kalloch Liberty
Engaged | November 1, 2015 | Ellis Island
Married | July 8, 2016 | Cooper’s Hall, Portland 

New York to Portland, January 2017

odotJ.A.K: “I am working on automated vehicle policy, and providing guidance as potential road use charging legislation progresses this session.”

Screen Shot 2017 04 05 at 1.43.13 PMA.K: “I wanted to work at the intersection of innovation and regulation. We’re trying to make sure cross-cultural connections that travel provides are available to more people and more places.”

A.K: “Massachusetts is a tiny spit of land. Oregon is a lot bigger. I’m reading a biography of Governor Straub to learn more about the history of politics and government and how it all fits together.”

51QXrIq SL. SX340 BO1204203200 J.A.K: “I’m reading  My Dearest Friend, a collection of letters written by Abagail Adams to her husband John Adams.”

Marital communications
A husband’s tweet prompts a wife’s rebuke

Marital communiations
Career ambitions
A.K: “To run for political office.”

: “To work in a policymaking role that allows me to help as many people as possible.”

Millennial outlook
J.A.K: “We still believe in many institutions, including government. We still write physical love letters.”

: “We believe in a world that is united around a common set of core values and it’s open and diverse.”

A version of this article appears in the April issue of Oregon Business.