Morning Roundup

Photo credit: Tech Crunch

Intel invests in autonomous cars, top Oregon staffers resign and the sage grouse divides Eastern Oregon.

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1. Intel buys stake in Here, a digital mapping company

Here — purchased last year by Audi, BMW and Daimler — develops autonomous positioning systems for vehicles. In a move designed to bolster its automotive capabilities, Intel announced a 15% stake in Here, Tech Crunch reports. Intel will provide chips for the autonomous systems.

2. Two top Oregon staffers resign

Gov. Kate Brown’s Chief of Staff Kristin Leonard and incoming Deputy Chief of Staff Abby Tibbs have resigned, the Portland Business Journal reports. The decisions come after a story by Willamette Week revealing conflicts of interest for both Leonard and Tibbs.  

3. Sage grouse conservation divides Eastern Oregon

Oregon ranchers are preparing to implement the Greater Sage Grouse Conservation Strategy, a plan designed to avoid putting the bird on the Endangered Species List. The plan requires ranchers to keep cows away from sage grouse mating sites and keep grass at least 7 inches high in public pastures. In response, the Harney Soil and Water Conservation District filed a lawsuit disputing the conservation requirements, Willamette Week reports. The suit alleges the requirements will cause ranchers to lose business.

4. TriMet cuts back on fare evasion prosecution

Prosecutors in Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas counties announced their decision to reduce prosecutions for fare evasion yesterday, the Oregonian reports. The announcement was in response to a recent Portland State University study that found minorities were banned at higher rates than white riders after being cited by TriMet.

5. Nike signs top golf athlete, despite no longer selling golf equipment

Jason Day, the No. 1 ranked golfer, has signed a sponsorship deal with Nike, the Portland Business Journal reports. Nike stopped production of golf clubs and balls in August after sales fell for the third year in a row. Nike does still produce golf apparel. 

6. Oregon is top destination for new residents

A migration study by Atlas Van Lines found Oregon has the second-highest percentage of moves, the Statesman Journal reports. A similar study by United Van Lines found the same results. South Dakota took the No. 1 spot for inbound moves in 2016. More than 52% of incoming residents cited employment as their reason for moving to Oregon.

7. A legislative preview

A pair of Oregon lobbyists weigh in on the 2017 legislative session.