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Oregon lawmakers push for marijuana declassification, sage grouse management poised for change and sea lions are eating steelhead into extinction.

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Loosening pot restrictions. Oregon lawmakers are partnering across the aisle to call for the federal government to reclassify marijuana. But the request comes at a time when the Department of Justice is scrutinizing legal cannabis. The reclassification would allow access to banking for businesses and ease restrictions on marijuana research. Read more from the Oregonian.

Feds suggest change in sage grouse management. The recommendation comes from the Department of the Interior, which spent the last 60 days reviewing the management process. Ranchers are pleased with the decision, but conservationists say the changes could strip sage grouse protections. The Bend Bulletin has the story.

Sea lion buffet pushing steelhead into extinction. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife released a feasibility study Monday that shows steelhead trout are nearing extinction thanks to overeating by California sea lions. The study found there’s an 89% chance at least of population of steelhead will become extinct, and soon. The Oregonian has more.

Meanwhile crab fishermen score a win. Congress passed a bill to permanently extend the Oregon, Washington and California fishery management agreement. The agreement was first passed in 1998 and required renewal every 10 years. Legislators say the agreement will sustain crab fisheries. OPB has more.

Portland hires an Outlaw. Mayor Ted Wheeler selected the city’s new police chief: Danielle Outlaw. Outlaw is a deputy chief with the Oakland Police Department. She will be the first African-American woman to serve as chief. OPB has the story.

Homer Williams takes action on affordable housing. The Portland developer has earned a reputation for trying to end homelessness. His latest project — attempting to rezone the Broadmoor Golf Course as an industrial sanctuary — is moving forward. The new zoning would allow for affordable housing construction. The Portland Business Journal has more.

OB original blog: Landscaping firm uses H-2B visas to fill ‘entire seasonal workforce.’ I talked with Bob Grover, President of Pacific Landscape Management, about his experience with the program, why he advocates for H-2B workers and how Trump Administration tweaks to the program are making life more difficult for companies that rely on the immigrant worker program.

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