Morning Roundup

Photo credit: OPB

Portland storm response under review, Lewis & Clark College president resigns and Intel to invest in retail tech.

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The great thaw is underway as temperatures finally rise above freezing. But don’t get your hopes up; the morning commute will be a slushy mess, and the latest forecast calls for a thunderstorm.

1. Response to snowpocalypse subject of review

Portland had a few snowplows out and about over the last week, but the city basically took a “let it melt” approach to the snowy blanket that covered the city. Commissioner Dan Saltzman was appointed to the transportation bureau just two weeks ago, and has promised to conduct a review of the city’s responses and come up with a better plan, OPB reports.

2. Obama commutes 209 sentences, including Chelsea Manning

Manning will be released in May, the New York Times reports. Her 35-year sentence was the longest punishment to date for leaking classified information. The President also commuted the sentence of Gen. James Cartwright, former vice chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, who pled guilty after lying to FBI agents investigating a leak. These two decisions specifically are surprising, as the Obama administration was notoriously tough on those charged with leaking classified information.

3. Lewis & Clark College president resigns 

President Barry Glassner says he left his post of seven years to focus on his writing, the Oregonian reports. A Lewis & Clark spokesperson declined to comment as to whether Glassner was asked by the board to leave. Vice president David Ellis has been appointed interim president.

4. Intel continues to diversify

The chip maker recently announced it would invest $250 million in autonomous technology but is now heading in an unexpected direction: Retail technology. Intel announced at the National Retail Federation conference it is investing $100 million in the next five years into retail tech, the Portland Business Journal reports.

5. Nike heads to J.C. Penney

The retailer announced Tuesday 600 of its department stores will soon feature Nike merchandise, the Portland Business Journal reports. Each shop will be 500 square feet. Portlanders might have noticed this pairing already, as the concept was tested in PDX last year.

6. In other Nike news, the shoe giant is offering an IPO for sneakers

Nike is partnering with StockX for a public offering to purchase merchandise from Lebron James’ collection, the Portland Business Journal reports. Bidding through StockX acts as Nike’s personal stock market.

7. UO strength coach suspended

News broke yesterday that three football players were hospitalized after a grueling workout last week. While players say the workout was nothing unusual, the university took action against its new strength coach Irele Oderinde, the Oregonian reports. Oderinde is suspended for a month without pay.

8. OB Original Blog: Testing climate leadership with cap and trade

With an avowed climate change denier in the White House, advocates of emissions reductions policies are pinning their hopes even more on the states.