Morning Roundup

Intel tackles management, Sen. Merkley to filibuster Supreme Court pick and snow is in the Portland forecast.

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Intel proposes managerial training

After laying off more than 15,000 employees in a company restructuring last year, CEO Brian Krzanich has set his sights on improving management practices, the Oregonian reports. Krzanich proposed a “Managing at Intel” program for its 13,000 managers during a staff meeting last week, although he did not specify why the training was necessary.

Iranian-born Intel vice president denounces executive order

Intel executives are famously reticent about speaking to the press. “But I am so frustrated I am willing to speak on the record,” said Babak Sabi, director of Intel’s assembly and test technology development group. Sabi joins a long line of Oregon executives in condemning Trump’s immigration ban. The latest to issue a critique is Tim Boyle, CEO of Columbia Sportswear.

Sen. Merkley vows to filibuster Supreme Court nominee

Trump is expected to announce his pick for the vacant seat today, a “stolen seat,” Merkeley calls it.  Most of the Democratic caucus is expected to join Merkeley in a filibuster, Willamette Week reports. Unless in an unlikely turn of events, the nominee is Merrick Garland, who was nominated by President Obama but not confirmed by Republicans. 

16-year-old Klamath Basin irrigation cuts face federal litigation

Farmers and commercial fishermen are squaring off in federal court this week over a 2001 decision to cut off irrigation to hundreds of farmers within the Klamath Water Basin, OPB reports. Federal regulators suspended the irrigation in Southern Oregon and Northern California after severe drought in the region jeopardized endangered salmon and other fish within the watershed. The farmers are claiming millions of dollars in damages, alleging their property was taken without compensation in violation of the 5th amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Portland will host Smart City Conference, despite losing Smart City bid last year

More than 20 cities, both in the U.S. and abroad, will send representatives to the 2-day conference focused on transportation, technology, policy and collaboration, the Portland Business Journal reports. 

Hermiston benefits from new Simplot plant

Idaho-based Simplot opened a new dry fertilizer blending facility, reportedly the largest in Eastern Oregon, the East Oregonian reports.  Simplot had operated a fertilizer facility in Umatilla, which the company will now repurpose to manage organic fertilizer.

Get ready Portland, more snow is en route

Forecasters predict between one and two inches could fall between Wednesday and Friday, upping the count to two-five inches in the Gorge and nearly a foot of snow in the Cascades, the Oregonian reports