In photos: On trend — a modern, minimalist PDX office space

A photo tour of one of Portland’s modern offices. 

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When the K&L Gates Portland office was being designed, the firm wanted to bring the Northwest inside. Thanks to towering windows, an open-concept floor plan and minimalistic design, stepping onto the Umpqua Building 19th floor feels like an office of a different kind.

Administrative Partner Brendan McDonnell says the office feels like a 360 view of Portland, or nearly 360 degrees anyway.

“We wanted something that was unique and made a statement,” McDonnell says.

A tour of the office revealed that’s certainly true. The office features an indoor patio space, hidden doors to maintain the sleek hallway and a statement piece by international artist Julian Opie.

Modern offices that take their white walls and minimalism cues from Europe are becoming increasingly common. Companies want to stand out, and create a space employees and clients alike are proud to visit. K&L is further on trend with its standing desks for each employee and yoga classes in-office once a week.

McDonnell says the employees are still in awe of the office, which opened in December 2013.

“There’s a pride in having this space,” he says.

We thought we’d offer a photographic tour of one of Portland’s unique office spaces. Check out the photos (and video) below:


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