2021 100 Best Companies to Work For in Oregon

Find out which companies have the most satisfied employees.

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Welcome to the 2021 100 Best Companies to Work For in Oregon list. In this past pandemic year, the 100 Best Companies survey takes on more meaning and importance than ever before. 100 Best employers have really had to show their mettle when it comes to maintaining a strong culture and happy workforce while facing extraordinary economic challenges created by the pandemic.

These employers are evidence that there are businesses that care about keeping their workforces happy whatever the circumstances, and that despite one of the biggest changes to workplace norms ever experienced in a generation, companies can make it work and even come out better from the experience.

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1. Hayden Homes

Location: Redmond
Website: hayden-homes.com
Oregon employees: 151 | Score: 629.59

Team members receive a $35,000 discount on new home purchases, retreats for staff and spouses, and cell-phone reimbursement. Employees cite the sense of community and mission as reasons that morale remains high, despite an uncertain year. “If all companies were like this, our world would be a better place.”

Sponsored enhanced listing:L1 HaydenHomes

From the very beginning, our focus at Hayden Homes has been on building quality homes and a strong community. Thank you to our team members for bringing our Give As You Go™ philosophy to life and for earning us this incredible honor.

2. Directors Mortgage

Location: Lake Oswego
Website: directorsmortgage.com
Oregon employees: 141 | Score: 626.06

Employees praise this company’s profit-sharing program, which benefits all employees from executives to receptionists. There is also an annual trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Work-from-home options meant that adapting to COVID-19 went smoothly. “Our leader, Mark Hanna, makes everyone feel like they are part of the Directors Mortgage family,” says an employee.

Sponsored enhanced listing:Directors Focused on You white

Directors Mortgage takes a people-focused approach to making homeownership dreams come true. We’re dedicated to improving the lives of our clients & our team members. We are proud of our family being honored by Oregon Business’s list of the 100 Best.

3. TTR

Location: McMinnville
Website: ttrus.com
Oregon employees: 109 | Score: 623.26

Leaders of this tax consulting firm meet employees each week to discuss projects and development, which continued virtually during COVID-19. Competitive pay and paid time off have made a stressful time more manageable, say staffers. “The amount of care has really shined during the COVID epidemic,” says one employee.

Sponsored enhanced listing:L3 TTR

At TTR, we Improve the Quality of People’s Lives. We do this by caring for both our people and our clients, who are tax professionals all across the country.

4. Genentech Access Solutions

Location: Portland
Website: gene.com
Oregon employees: 215 | Score: 622.51

Employees enjoy volunteering, financial wellness coaching and financial assistance for student loans and mortgages. The company provides guided meditation, counseling sessions and mindfulness training. Employees received a stipend for setting up a home office.

5. Swinerton

Location: Portland
Website: swinerton.com
Oregon employees: 130 | Score: 613.62

“When COVID-19 hit, the company was very accommodating about any issues I had with my schedule or if I needed to watch my child,” says one employee of this construction company.  The firm pays for child care three times a week for staff with school-age children.  It is also transparent about finances.

Sponsored enhanced listing:L5 Swinerton

Since 1888, our success has been built on a foundation of shared values and our people. We work toward a common purpose: to be the preferred builder and trusted partner, proudly leading with integrity, passion, and excellence.

6. Adroit Construction

Location: Ashland
Website: adroitbuilt.com
Oregon employees: 130 | Score: 612.00

“Teamwork, craftsmanship, reliability, good pay, good management and safety practices” are the reasons one employee cites for working at this construction firm. Employees say managers are receptive to employee feedback. Comprehensive personal safety practices are also in place.

7. Andersen Construction

Location: Portland
Website: andersen-const.com
Oregon employees: 205 | Score: 607.76

“We are structured to pivot and constantly make improvements. Our leaders empower each one of us to live by all our core values,” says an employee. Workers receive free webinars on topics such as nutrition, mental health and financial planning. The firm also hired a diversity, equity and inclusion director.

8. Perlo Construction

Location: Tualatin
Website: perlo.biz
Oregon employees: 165 | Score: 605.80

Employees will find generous vacation time, flexible spending accounts, a wellness program, a volunteer program and an on-site fitness room. “Perlo Construction has been an excellent place to work even during COVID,” says one worker, who praised the company’s safety practices. “The environment is very friendly and welcoming.”

Sponsored enhanced listing:L8 PerloConstruction

Proud of our people, Perlo continues to do what’s right and fosters a culture of teamwork, reliability and fun.

9. Express Employment Professionals

Location: Tualatin
Website: expresspros.com
Oregon employees: 115 | Score: 605.56

This staffing company had a frantic year because of the high unemployment rate. Employees praise the company’s commitment to its mission. “Express didn’t cut back on support, they gave more to their franchise owners to make sure they had the resources to employ the community during this trying time,” says one worker.

10. Vernier Software & Technology

Location: Beaverton
Website: vernier.com
Oregon employees: 109 | Score: 603.35

Despite the pandemic-driven economic downturn, this STEM technology manufacturer had no layoffs and provided 100% pay to furloughed employees. “During the COVID-19 crisis, our highly skilled management team was able to react and make decisions on the fly to adjust and transform to minimize the impact on business.”

11. Rogue Credit Union

Location: Medford
Website: roguecu.org
Oregon employees: 466 | Score: 603.29

Employees will find free bikes, tuition reimbursement, interest-free loans, free gym memberships and an on-site fitness facility. The credit union’s leaders are also transparent with employees about financials. “We know where we stand in good times and challenging times. I am very confident in my executive leaders,” says one staffer.

12. Lone Rock Resources

Location: Roseburg
Website: lonerockresources.com
Oregon employees: 105 | Score: 599.59

Employees cite health care benefits and advancement opportunities as reasons to work for this lumber company. “I have transferred between departments, learned entirely new skills and received promotions to the head of my current area of expertise,” says one satisfied employee.

Sponsored enhanced listing:L12 LoneRockResources

It is an honor to be recognized as one the 100 Best Companies to Work for in Oregon!  This would not be possible without our people!  Our people are the ones that make our culture and we thank them!

13. Crystal Greens Landscape

Location: Clackamas
Website: crystalgreens.com
Oregon employees: 180 | Score: 597.98

Monthly barbecues, staff retreats, wellness Wednesdays, an on-site fitness center, golfing events and personal therapy are just some of the reasons that employees enjoy working for this landscaping company. Executives support professional and personal growth for employees, says a staffer.

14. Fortis Construction

Location: Portland
Website: fortisconstruction.com
Oregon employees: 310 | Score: 597.25

Employees cite a supportive team environment and stellar management as reasons they love working for this construction company. “Transparency from top down is the best that I have ever seen,” says one employee. “Upper management goes out of their way to make sure everything else in your life is good,” says another.

15. LMC Construction

Location: Tualatin
Website: lmcconstruction.com
Oregon employees: 115 | Score: 596.53

Flexibility over schedules, work-life balance, inclusion practices, learning and promotion opportunities, and an open-door management policy are among the benefits of working for this construction firm. “LMC respects and celebrates diversity of race, culture, politics and spiritual beliefs. Team members adopt a strong sense of teamwork and a willingness to help.”

Sponsored enhanced listing:L15 LMCConstruction

Our pride is in our team members, we are absolutely thrilled to be on the 100 Best List – Our company would not be the success it is today without the contributions of our team. Our LMC Family is the BEST!

16. The Partners Group

Location: Portland
Website: thepartnersgroup.com
Oregon employees: 100 | Score: 595.92

COVID-19 led the Partners Group to bring its family-support programming online. Delivery of care packages, guest speakers through Zoom, virtual social activities and wellness programming meant employees had support during the pandemic. Staffers cite the charitable matching program as a valuable perk.

Sponsored enhanced listing:L16 ThePartnersGroup

Through our consulting, insurance, and financial services, The Partners Group has been making a difference since 1981. We help individuals and businesses across the nation solve problems and grow via strategies that discover, protect, and enhance their futures.

17. Turner Construction

Location: Portland
Website: turnerconstruction.com/portland
Oregon employees: 137 | Score: 594.59

“Upper management is incredible in making you feel valued in the company, no matter your level or how new you are,” says one employee. “I appreciate how open the company is to change. Whether it’s a new technology/process or social issues being brought to light, management will listen,” says another.

18. Oregon Pacific Bank

Location: Florence
Website: opbc.com
Oregon employees: 122 | Score: 593.90

Managers did not remove annual bonuses in the face of the pandemic. The bank assisted employees during COVID-19 by buying new laptops, providing a stipend for cellphones and boosting internet access for workers in remote areas. “Management went above and beyond and continues to do so with regards to taking care of staff.”

19. T-Mobile

Location: Salem
Website: t-mobile.com
Oregon employees: 662 | Score: 593.42

The company’s call center provides meals for employees, gets involved in local chamber of commerce events and brings in high school students through Youth Leadership Salem. “T-Mobile wants the world around them to progress through their employees,” says one worker. “They create benefits and incentives constantly.”

Sponsored enhanced listing:L19 TMobile

T-Mobile is an American wireless mobile operator. We are the first and largest nationwide 5G network. We believe that people come first – Our Customers, Our Communities and Our Teams! We’re changing wireless for good and We Won’t Stop!

20. UScellular

Location: Medford
Website: uscellular.com
Oregon employees: 124 | Score: 592.71

Employees will find a wellness program that rewards healthy activities such as fitness tracking and self-directed learning courses. “I love working at UScellular, especially this year,” says one employee. “They continue to pour into our safety and help me provide for my family.”

Sponsored enhanced listing:L20 UScellularPhoto

We’re in the business of making connections. We connect 5 million people, businesses and government operations with our award-winning network. And we’re always looking for ways to make your experience with our communication services and products even better.

21. PAE Consulting Engineers

Location: Portland
Website: pae-engineers.com
Oregon employees: 221 | Score: 592.21

To support the transition to working from home, the consulting firm provided stipends to set up home offices. Employees establish their own hours and can connect through company-hosted online social events. Mindfulness seminars, chair yoga, parenting panels and cooking classes are hosted weekly.

22. Pacific Landscape Management

Location: Hillsboro
Website: pacscape.com
Oregon employees: 273 | Score: 587.88

Free Timbers and Trail Blazers tickets and a scholarship program are some of the perks of working at this landscaping firm. Despite COVID-19, one employee says strict safety practices meant they never felt uncomfortable coming to work. “Management clearly showed my health and the health of my co-workers as a top priority.”

23. JE Dunn Construction

Location: Portland
Website: jedunn.com
Oregon employees: 121 | Score: 587.32

Employees cite community service opportunities, great benefits, an emphasis on work-life balance and a focus on diversity as reasons they love their jobs. Staffers also appreciate the potential to grow in their careers. “I like that my employer gives you opportunities to get involved in different aspects of the job.”

Sponsored enhanced listing:L23 JEDunnConstruction

At JE Dunn Construction our people are our greatest asset. We are inspired by your hard work, commitment to safety, and focus on a fun working environment. Thank you for making JE Dunn a 100 Best Company!

24. David Evans and Associates

Location: Portland
Website: deainc.com
Oregon employees: 287 | Score: 586.17

In addition to new diversity training and wellness activities, this engineering company hired a magician to teach employees’ children with a mix of science and magic while schools are closed. “You will have a hard time finding anyone that complains about DEA, whether they are a client or an ex-employee.”

Sponsored enhanced listing:L24 DavidEvansandAssociates

At David Evans and Associates, Inc., our talented engineers, surveyors, planners, hydrographers, landscape architects, and scientists are committed to improving the quality of life. We give outstanding professionals the freedom and support to do what they do best.

25. Ticor Title Oregon

Location: Salem
Website: ticornw.com
Oregon employees: 240 | Score: 586.03

This employer prioritizes employees’ families with on-site child education. The women-led business has a focus on hiring and training non-college-educated people. “Very efficient and effective teams that deliver high results. Lots of incentives and great benefits,” says one employee.

26. Whitaker Ellis Builders

Location: Tigard
Website: whitakerellis.com
Oregon employees: 150 | Score: 585.59

Employees are treated to three yearly retreats as well as a summer picnic and holiday party. This building contractor prioritized creating a COVID-secure workplace by providing personal protective equipment and flexibility over schedules. “Family comes first when it comes to priorities and time off,” says one worker.

Sponsored enhanced listing:L26 WhitakerEllis

Locally owned and operated, the professionals at Whitaker/Ellis have extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of concrete construction. From light commercial to heavy industrial and the ability to handle projects of all sizes and degree of difficulty.

27. OpenSesame

Location: Portland
Website: opensesame.com
Oregon employees: 120 | Score: 584.79

Employees at this e-commerce service have one full week per year of time to put toward professional development, and one full week of salary for professional development expenses. Employees also enjoy generous paid time off. “Leadership at all levels is committed to ensuring employees maintain a healthy work-life balance,” says one worker.

28. SheerID

Location: Portland
Website: sheerid.com
Oregon employees: 107 | Score: 582.04

In addition to offering employees a mental-health app, this technology firm’s  employees praise the leaders for caring about the growth of each employee. Opportunities for advancement abound. “Senior leadership is extremely communicative with an open-door policy,” says one employee. “The opportunities to grow within the company are readily available.”

29. Cook Security Group

Location: Portland
Website: cooksecuritygroup.com
Oregon employees: 176 | Score: 581.86

Regular monthly bonuses for efficient work and care packages for technicians are among the benefits of working for this employer. The company allows 16 hours’ paid volunteer time for employees to give back to their communities. “This amazing culture of support and growth is inspired by our fearless leaders.”

30. Thesis

Location: Portland
Website: thesis.agency
Oregon employees: 143 | Score: 579.75

Employees applaud the marketing agency’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Thesis offers financial help to employees who are first-time homebuyers. Management proactively took pay cuts because of the COVID-19 economic downturn. “The leadership is amazing,” says one employee. “They have created a safe, diverse and inclusive environment.”

31. Living Room Realty

Location: Portland
Website: livingroomre.com
Oregon employees: 150 | Score: 578.59

In addition to being a certified benefit corporation, employees praise the company’s diversity, equity and inclusion practices, pleasant office space and dog-friendliness. “We truly live out our values for the environment and caring for our community by giving back to local charities,” says one contented employee.

Sponsored enhanced listing:L31 LivingRoomRealty

32. Green Acres Landscape

Location: Salem
Website: greenacreslandscapeinc.com
Oregon employees: 100 | Score: 575.22

Employees cite the charitable giving and family feel of this landscaping company as reasons to come to work. “We support important causes continually throughout the year,” says one worker. “We are a green company striving to support its goal in our everyday work practices.”

Sponsored enhanced listing:L32 GreenAcres

Our mission is to provide an unequalled landscape solution and value to each client while always respecting and protecting the environment. Our staff make us who we are and we are endlessly grateful for their continued commitment—this honor is theirs!

33. Aldrich Group

Location: Salem
Website: aldrichadvisors.com
Oregon employees: 235 | Score: 571.41

Employees praise the mission-driven nature of this accounting firm, as well as its commitment to transparency. “Management made sacrifices for the employees during the pandemic, and they constantly are showing that people are their number one priority,” says one employee. “From the top down, people care.”

Sponsored enhanced listing:L33 Aldrich

At Aldrich, our people are our #1 priority. Our team of experts has decades of experience in accounting, consulting, benefits, wealth management, and technology, and these world-class employees offer deep industry expertise to guide our clients through today’s financial complexities.

100BestCompanies2021 medium

1. Energy 350

Location: Portland
Website: energy350.com
Oregon employees: 35 | Score: 655.26

This engineering consultancy adapted its benefits to account for COVID-19: Local coffee beans are delivered to employees’ doors; staffers are reimbursed for ergonomic furniture as well as costs associated with mental health care. Employees were given the option to go part-time to decrease stress for those juggling work and child care.

2. Bartlett Tree Experts

Location: Clackamas
Website: bartlett.com
Oregon employees: 35 | Score: 645.05

Employees of this tree maintenance service cite commitment to diversity and advancement opportunities as reasons to love their jobs. Others praise the company’s generous flexibility over schedules, which has allowed them to take care of children during the pandemic. The chance to advance professionally is a boon too.

3. The Gunter Group

Location: Portland
Website: guntergroupconsulting.com
Oregon employees: 45 | Score: 643.75

The consulting firm adapted to the pandemic by establishing virtual happy hours and team meetings. It also sent weekly care packages to employees. “They were transparent,” says one worker. “It brought a lot of comfort to us.” A comprehensive bonus system, profit sharing and annual off-site retreats are also on offer.

4. KDP Certified Public Accountants

Location: Medford
Website: kdpllp.com
Oregon employees: 43 | Score: 641.40

“They truly care about all employees and their success, goals and work-life balance,” says one worker. “They are constantly looking for ways to grow and improve as a company.” Others praise this women-led company for implementing remote-work possibilities and events that allow staff to relax together.

5. Lorentz Bruun Construction

Location: Portland
Website: bruunconstruction.com
Oregon employees: 54 | Score: 626.94

Employees cite longstanding company traditions and solid team leadership as reasons that they love their jobs. “The company’s COVID response these last 11 months was impressive and taken seriously. We kept working, made workplace changes, implemented protocols, invested in PPE and stayed safe,” says one satisfied staffer.

Sponsored enhanced listing:M5 LorentzBruunConstruction

When we say that Lorentz Bruun Construction has been a family business for the last 75 years, we aren’t just talking about the Bruun family, we are talking about each and every employee who we have been fortunate to have as a part of our team. This employee-centric approach has been a fundamental key to our longevity and success in the market.

6. Emerick Construction

Location: Tualatin
Website: emerick.com
Oregon employees: 62 | Score: 626.23

“Whether your need is time off to care for family members, or flex time to accommodate the ever-changing environment of working from home, the owners make it happen,” says one employee of this construction company. Staffers describe child care accommodations for parents and COVID-19 safety procedures as important perks.

7. NAI Elliott

Location: Portland
Website: naielliott.com
Oregon employees: 60 | Score: 623.99

“When we went remote, we put great effort into making sure everyone had the equipment to work from home,” says one employee of this commercial real estate firm. “There was great effort put into assisting clients to navigate COVID-19-related issues.” In addition to work-life balance and flexible schedules, employees can bring dogs to work.

8. Barran Liebman

Location: Portland
Website: barran.com
Oregon employees: 40 | Score: 622.57

Employees of this law firm appreciate their flexible work schedules, transparency from management and a commitment to not downsizing employees during COVID-19. “The company constantly goes above and beyond to ensure that all employees are happy and taken care of,” says one contented staffer.

Sponsored enhanced listing:M8 BarranLiebman

Barran Liebman represents employers in employment advice, employment litigation, labor relations, employee benefits, and higher education compliance.  With a focus on proactive workplace solutions and guiding our clients toward quality workplace decisions, we are proud to lead by example internally.

9. Evergreen Consulting Group

Location: Beaverton
Website: evergreen-efficiency.com
Oregon employees: 54 | Score: 617.68

Employees praise the solid suite of benefits, including 3% contribution to a 401(k) regardless of employee contribution. Staff receive a $500 bonus for taking five consecutive days of vacation. “They are firmly people over profits. They mean what they say and walk their talk,” says one satisfied employee.

Sponsored enhanced listing:M9 EvergreenConsultinggroup

Evergreen is honored to make the list for 10 years in a row. As a B Corp, we aspire to keep building an inclusive culture that values our team, meets the needs of our clients, and makes a real impact in our communities.

10. Mid-Valley Commercial Construction

Location: Salem
Website: mid-valleyinc.com
Oregon employees: 75 | Score: 615.46

Employees enjoy a biannual bonus program and a retirement plan, as well as a positive office culture and company parties.  An environment of open communication boosts morale. “Mid-Valley Commercial Construction has an amazing team of great leaders,” says one employee.

Sponsored enhanced listing:M10 MidValleyCommercialConstruction

We encourage a work-life balance through flexible schedules, tele-commuting and providing the necessary tools to be successful. A collaborative work effort, creative problem solving, and treating people fairly and honestly makes for a great culture at Mid-Valley Commercial Construction, Inc.

11. Obility

Location: Portland
Website: obilityb2b.com
Oregon employees: 38 | Score: 610.46

Employees of this digital marketing company enjoy paid parental leave, flexible schedules and a revenue-sharing program for workers who refer clients to the company. “They understand the need to help with family, take care of children, and that a pandemic is always in the back of people’s minds,” says one worker.

Sponsored enhanced listing:M11 Obility

At Obility, we believe in our people, we invest in our people, and we align our efforts around helping them succeed. The result is a company culture that leads to more ideas, better ideas, and accelerated growth for our clients.

12. TZ Medical

Location: Portland
Website: tzmedical.com
Oregon employees: 51 | Score: 610.29

Flexibility to set schedules has been a help to employees taking care of their families during the pandemic at this health care manufacturer. “It has not been an easy year, but they have done everything in their power to keep the doors open and maintain the same level of comfort we are all used to,” says one worker.

13. Milestone Systems

Location: Lake Oswego
Website: milestonesys.com
Oregon employees: 94 | Score: 608.60

Company bikes, sponsored events, beer on tap, ergonomic furniture and product discounts are among the perks at this software company.  “Milestone was able to pivot seamlessly to working from home during COVID,” says one employee. “Now more than ever, I have seen Milestone step up to support its employees.”

Sponsored enhanced listing:M13 MilestoneSystems

Milestone Systems is a global leader in Video Management Software. We believe that by growing our people, we grow our business. We are proud of our people first culture and happy to be recognized as one of the 100 Best!

14. Garrison’s Home

Location: Central Point
Website: garrisons.com
Oregon employees: 50 | Score: 607.81

After wildfires destroyed two locations of this furniture and bedding store, the owner started a fundraiser for people whose homes were damaged and matched contributions dollar for dollar.  “The amount of pride I have being a part of this company is such that I have declined generous employment offers from other companies,” says one worker.

15. General Pacific

Location: Fairview
Website: genpac.com
Oregon employees: 44 | Score: 607.28

Employees can convert hours of sick leave into vacation at this electrical supply store. Employer contributions to 401(k) and profit sharing for all employees are reasons that one employee describes this employer as “the best company I have ever worked for.” A laid-back environment that eschews micro-managing also goes down well.

16. OnlineNW / XS Media

Location: McMinnville
Website: onlinenw.com
Oregon employees: 41 | Score: 605.99

A four-day work week, one week of paid volunteer time, free home internet and help paying for cellphone bills are among the perks of working for this internet service provider. Additionally, employees are eligible to take a four-week sabbatical every seven years. “Everyone has a voice that can be heard,” says a staffer.

Sponsored enhanced listing:M16 OnlineNWXSMedia

OnlineNW and XS Media provide local Internet and voice services throughout the Willamette Valley. We are passionate about supporting our team’s unique strengths and ambitions.  As a service provider, our employees are vital to our success.  Proud to celebrate them!

17. Cushman & Wakefield of Oregon

Location: Portland
Website: cushmanwakefield.com
Oregon employees: 93 | Score: 605.91

“Flexibility in scheduling and a sense of community” are reasons one employee gives for loving their job. Others cite inclusivity practices and supportive managers as motivations to go to work for this commercial real estate company. Professional growth is also supported.

18. PlanB Consultancy

Location: Lake Oswego
Website: planbconsult.net
Oregon employees: 43 | Score: 604.75

Generous benefits such as 100% employer-paid health insurance premiums and long- and short-term disability characterize working at this consulting firm. But it is the supportive culture that employees like the most. “Any issues are quickly and fairly addressed,” says one staffer. Others point out the genuine emphasis on work-life balance.

19. Hagan Hamilton Insurance

Location: McMinnville
Website: haganhamilton.com
Oregon employees: 49 | Score: 603.49

This employer reassured employees stressed out about their job security during the pandemic by increasing bonuses and salaries. It also stepped up donations to charities. “They value what each employee has to say, and management decisions are made with the very best interest of the employees and the company as a whole.”

Sponsored enhanced listing:M19 HaganHamiltonInsurance

We Do the Right Thing. We Operate as a Team. We Enjoy the Work. We Strive for Excellence.

20. Harper Houf Peterson Righellis

Location: Portland
Website: hhpr.com
Oregon employees: 88 | Score: 600.78

This employee-owned civil engineering firm provides generous 401(k) contributions and fully paid health insurance premiums. The benefits and culture “would make a person stay for their entire career,” raves one employee. Another enjoys the virtual meetings that allow workers to “get lots of encouragement.”

Sponsored enhanced listing:M20 HarperHoufPetersonRighellis

HHPR provides comprehensive engineering, survey, landscape architecture, and planning services for public infrastructure and private development. We are honored to be named 100 Best and its reflection of our greatest asset, our people.

21. Finity Group

Location: Portland
Website: thefinitygroup.com
Oregon employees: 36 | Score: 599.68

This financial planning firm for the medical sector made the most of the pandemic-driven virtual workplace by holding trivia events, virtual happy hours and GrubHub lunches. It also started a diversity, equity and inclusion committee to increase accountability. “It is a company that values their employees and makes them feel appreciated,” says one happy staffer.

22. Robert Half

Location: Portland
Website: roberthalf.com
Oregon employees: 40 | Score: 599.45

Employees praise this staffing company for being transparent and communicative about the challenges facing the firm during the pandemic. Executives encourage employees to take time off to recharge and frequently check in with remote workers. “I’m impressed with the ways in which the company has supported employee needs in a rapidly changing environment.”

23. Douglas Fast Net

Location: Roseburg
Website: dfn.net
Oregon employees: 65 | Score: 597.85

Employees feel inspired by the family-feel environment of this fiber internet services provider. Staff appreciate the autonomy they are given to do their jobs, and enjoy the collaborative and supportive culture. “I am heard, and my words don’t get passed by my supervisor and management without thought,” says an employee.

24. Mammoth | ThinkHR

Location: Portland
Website: mammothhr.com
Oregon employees: 68 | Score: 596.67

Staffers feel supported by leaders at this HR consulting firm. One employee likes the “unlimited opportunities for personal and professional growth.” A focus on involving employees in the mission and vision of the company keeps the workforce vested.

25. Scott Edwards Architecture

Location: Portland
Website: seallp.com
Oregon employees: 76 | Score: 594.62

This employer pays for further education courses and encourages employees to work on projects that they are passionate about. A focus on helping the community is realized through donations, volunteering and pro bono services. “The company’s business model is considerate of others and puts people first.”

Sponsored enhanced listing:M25 ScottEdwardsArchitecture

SEA is a collaborative, people-first architecture firm. Our design approach puts the vision, goals, and needs of the people we design for at the heart of our creative process.

26. MassMutual Oregon

Location: Lake Oswego
Website: oregon.massmutual.com
Oregon employees: 73 | Score: 593.59

Leaders play an active role in encouraging personal and professional growth at this financial advisory firm. “My bosses are always asking me what they can do to help and support me,” says one employee. A focus on work-life balance, charitable giving and flexible schedules are part of the appeal.

27. Kernutt Stokes

Location: Eugene
Website: kernuttstokes.com
Oregon employees: 76 | Score: 591.90

To maintain its familial culture, this business consulting firm found creative ways to reach out to employees working remotely, such as hosting a drive-in movie and GrubHub lunches. Flexible schedules, a focus on work-life balance, and generous benefits and time off make this a best company to work for.

Sponsored enhanced listing:M27 Kernutt Stokes

For 75 years, Kernutt Stokes has provided tax, audit and consulting services to businesses throughout Oregon. Our incredible team makes us successful, working with integrity and excellence every day. We are honored to be recognized on the 100 Best list.

28. Sussman Shank

Location: Portland
Website: sussmanshank.com
Oregon employees: 63 | Score: 589.46

Employees of this law firm say the company moved smoothly to working remotely during the pandemic. “They very much cared about our mental status while we were all working from home,” says one staffer. A culture of social connection, work-life balance and employee well-being round out the benefits of working here.

Sponsored enhanced listing:M28 Sussman Shank

Sussman Shank LLP is a full-service business, litigation, and commercial bankruptcy law firm.  We are honored to celebrate 15 years as one of Oregon’s 100 Best Companies. We recognize that the success of our firm is achieved through our talented and dedicated team of professionals.

29. Orchid Health

Location: Portland
Website: orchidhealth.org
Oregon employees: 45 | Score: 588.89

Each employee at this rural health care services provider receives a $500 “Happiness Benefit” that they can spend on whatever makes them happy – whether that is massages, kayaks or cruises. “I always feel like an owner, because what I say matters and is taken into serious consideration,” says one staffer.

Sponsored enhanced listing:M29OrchidHealth

Our astonishing culture fosters an environment of innovation and autonomy. We put employee happiness first to help empower us to do our best work in the communities we serve.

30. Kidder Mathews

Location: Portland
Website: kidder.com
Oregon employees: 73 | Score: 587.63

Employees of this commercial real estate firm have the chance to become shareholders and enjoy profit-sharing bonuses. Transparent bosses who get to know each employee personally create a positive culture. “There really is a collaborative atmosphere where everyone shares information and truly wants to see each other succeed.”

31. Ausland Group

Location: Grants Pass
Website: auslandgroup.com
Oregon employees: 70 | Score: 587.28

There are ample opportunities for advancement, raves one employee at this engineering firm. Flexibility to work from home and open communication between managers and employees contribute to the positive working environment. During the pandemic, employees could bring kids to work to help with remote learning. Dogs are welcome too.

Sponsored enhanced listing:M31 AuslundGroup

Ausland Group is a dynamic team of architects, engineers, builders and development professionals that focuses on delivering world-class commercial design and construction, locally scaled to our communities. We are honored to be recognized among Oregon’s 100 Best!

32. Avista Utilities

Location: Medford
Website: myavista.com
Oregon employees: 60 | Score: 586.20

Employers feel empowered to do their jobs well at this electric utility company. “They really do care about the employees; it feels like a small company atmosphere,” says a staffer. Good pay and benefits go down well too. “I’m part of a really good team and have a great deal of freedom within my position,” says another.

33. Tec Labs

Location: Albany
Website: teclabs.com
Oregon employees: 50 | Score: 585.88

Random “Serendipity Days” are awarded to employees in addition to their PTO. The company celebrates employees’ hire dates with a monthly breakfast get-together and bonus. Generous benefits, profit sharing and a focus on work-life balance make this a best company to work for. “Your opinion matters, and people do care for one another.”

34. Convergence Networks

Location: Portland
Website: convergencenetworks.com
Oregon employees: 59 | Score: 584.99

Leaders are transparent and care about employee morale, says one staffer. “Very clear communication from management about the company’s goals, projects and status.” Great benefits and flexibility round out the positive atmosphere. “It is a very inclusive culture with a people-first position on all things.”

100BestCompanies2021 small

1. Meadow Outdoor Advertising

Location: The Dalles
Website: meadowoutdoor.com
Oregon employees: 26 | Score: 649.59

Employee wellness is a focus at this family-owned billboard company. Staff are reimbursed for purchasing things that support their wellness goals. To help parents during the pandemic, employees can bring their kids to work for online school. Employees are involved in decision-making and are encouraged to take part in training.

Sponsored enhanced listing:S1 MeadowOutdoor

As a brand builder for other businesses, Meadow Outdoor Advertising is pleased to be recognized on the Top 100 List.  We believe empowerment through ownership thinking and sharing management success with our employees leads to longevity for both.

2. WestPac Wealth Partners

Location: Lake Oswego
Website: westpacwealth.com
Oregon employees: 25 | Score: 643.16

Weekly trainings and accessible managers characterize work life at this financial advisory firm. “Amazing opportunities here,” says one staffer. “Incredible place to work and thrive.” A culture of support and encouragement from leaders contributes to the positive atmosphere. Flexible schedules are a boon too.

3. Pepper Foster Consulting

Location: Portland
Website: pepperfoster.com
Oregon employees: 26 | Score: 638.23

Professional growth is the name of the game at this consulting firm. A training budget is set aside for each staffer. Employee-run committees help drive the culture, community impact, and diversity, equity and inclusion goals. “The company leadership is extremely transparent in sharing financials, projections and plans.”

4. NW Staffing Resources

Location: Portland
Website: nwstaffing.com
Oregon employees: 19 | Score: 637.80

Staff appreciate the work-life balance mentality that shapes the culture at this staffing firm. “They encourage time off for all employees and offer great incentives,” says an employee. Another raves that leaders recognize each employee’s strengths and supports them to be a success. “This company has so many opportunities for growth.”

Sponsored enhanced listing:S4 NWStaffingResources

NW Staffing Resources has been proudly connecting good people with great jobs since 1985! Our core values of Progress, Excellence, Accountability, Compassion, and Ethical inform every decision we make as a company. We congratulate our entire team on this achievement.

5. Madden Industrial Craftsmen

Location: Beaverton
Website: mici.com
Oregon employees: 20 | Score: 634.59

A family-feel environment creates a positive vibe at this staffing firm. “They honestly care about their employees and take their responsibilities as employers seriously,” notes one staffer about the firm’s leaders. Employees appreciate flexible work schedules. Strong benefits and compensation go down well too.

6. Steele Electric

Location: Beaverton
Website: steeleelectric.com
Oregon employees: 21 | Score: 634.29

Employees of this electrician appreciate the competitive wage and benefits, as well as leaders who encourage staffers to take time off. “It feels like one big family where everyone cares about the well-being of each other and we’re working toward one common goal,” says a happy staffer.

7. Anning-Johnson

Location: Wilsonville
Website: anningjohnson.com
Oregon employees: 15 | Score: 634.11

Every employee has the chance to own stock in this construction company. “This leads to a mindset of working with a shared purpose,” says one staffer. Happy hours and free weekly meals are among the perks. During the pandemic, the company sought outdoor events like go-karting to bring employees together.

Sponsored enhanced listing:S7 AnningJohnson

The employee-owners of Anning-Johnson are proud to be a part of the 100 Best again this year, and congratulate and thank all the other winners for challenging us and making us better every day.

8. Pittman & Brooks

Location: Portland
Website: pittmanbrooks.com
Oregon employees: 22 | Score: 630.58

Flexible work schedules and the ability to work from home define the culture at this accounting firm. Employees appreciate transparent communication from leaders. “They encourage constant feedback from every member of the organization to improve every piece of our operations,” comments one employee. Frequent raises and job training are popular too.

Sponsored enhanced listing:S8 Pittman Brooks

Behind good numbers, we have great people.  We are proud of our staff and they are the reason we have been selected to the Oregon 100 Best list for the sixteenth time.

9. Percipio Consulting Group

Location: Portland
Website: percipiogroup.com
Oregon employees: 17 | Score: 626.19

Employees praise leaders for being transparent and approachable. This has been particularly important during COVID-19 because of the workers’ concerns over how the pandemic impacts the business. “Our leadership treats us as adults, giving us freedom and responsibility in our day-to-day work.”

Sponsored enhanced listing:S9 PercipioConsultingGroup

Percipio’s employees are at the heart of everything we do. Our management consulting firm is honored by this recognition and the opportunity to provide a great place for our team to grow and serve the companies in our community.

10. Davidson Benefits Planning

Location: Tigard
Website: davidsonbenefitsplanning.com
Oregon employees: 21 | Score: 620.11

A collaborative culture is the name of the game at this employer. “As a lower-level employee, I have no problem going to VPs or the president to ask professional growth or job-specific questions,” says one employee. Unlimited vacation time and flexible schedules are a win with employees. Great benefits are a boon too.

11. Wagner Dental Care

Location: Portland
Website: wagnerdentalcare.com
Oregon employees: 15 | Score: 614.21

Employees love their boss at this Portland dentist. A positive atmosphere in which staff and patients are treated with respect and kindness makes this a popular place to work. Free dental coverage for employees and their families are among the perks.

Sponsored enhanced listing:S11 WagnerDentalCare

Wagner Dental Care is proud to be on the list of 100 Best Companies to work for in Portland Oregon.  Our company was established in 2000 and we are proud to support our local community.

12. Fournier Group

Location: Portland
Website: fourniergroup.com
Oregon employees: 16 | Score: 612.00

This insurance agency encourages community involvement with 30 hours a year of volunteering time. Among the perks: an employee loyalty program rewards staff for staying with the company. A five-week sabbatical is earned after seven years, and $10,000 is awarded after 20 years. “This company trusts me to make the right decisions and compensates me fairly.”

13. Oregon Restoration

Location: Tigard
Website: oregonrestoration.com
Oregon employees: 32 | Score: 611.81

A myriad of cash gifts contributes to the feel-good environment at this building repair company. Gift cards for work anniversaries, monthly peer-to-peer recognition programs and regular out-of-office activities are part of the culture. Employees praise the owner for allowing staff to give input on policies and procedures.

14. RHT Energy

Location: Medford
Website: rhtenergy.com
Oregon employees: 16 | Score: 610.59

An office kitchen stocked with healthy refreshments, a massage chair, fitness membership reimbursements and telecommuting are among the perks at this energy-efficiency consulting firm. Dogs are welcome in the office too. “The professional level of communication and problem solving is very enjoyable,” says a staffer.

15. Matrix Networks

Location: Portland
Website: mtrx.com
Oregon employees: 20 | Score: 609.62

Managers at this electrical engineering firm take notice of employee feedback and have made some improvements as a result. A focus on health and wellness and training opportunities boosts the family-feel culture. “It feels like a team effort every day. I feel supported, trusted and valued.”

16. Farleigh Wada Witt

Location: Portland
Website: fwwlaw.com
Oregon employees: 33 | Score: 609.49

Annual bonuses and an extra week off for every seven years of service are among the benefits at this law firm. Lots of internal promotions and generous paid time off and benefits go down well too. “They are always providing recognition and company events so we feel like a family,” says one happy employee.

17. Gates Home Furnishings

Location: Grants Pass
Website: gatesfurniture.com
Oregon employees: 26 | Score: 608.32

“Managers are down to earth and compassionate.  They are interested in employee’s needs,” is how one employee describes leaders at this family-owned furniture store. A “family-first” culture that is flexible with schedules and provides bonuses based on profits make this a best company to work for.

18. The Clinic for Dermatology & Wellness

Location: Medford
Website: theclinicoregon.com
Oregon employees: 17 | Score: 608.14

Profit sharing and 100% employer-paid health plan are among the perks of working at this clinic. Approachable owners, who value feedback from employees on how the business is run, contribute to the positive culture.

19. Brainium Studios

Location: Portland
Website: brainiumstudios.com
Oregon employees: 18 | Score: 607.58

Employees enjoy a plethora of benefits at this maker of video game apps, including paid parental leave, free lunches, reimbursement for training, charitable matching and volunteering time. A focus on work-life balance, more than six weeks of combined PTO and holidays, and a “beautiful creative workspace” round out the perks.

Sponsored enhanced listing:S19 BrainiumLogo

Thank you and congratulations to everyone at Brainium for earning this recognition! We believe a great place to work must also be a place to do great work. We couldn’t be prouder of our team and all we’ve accomplished together.

20. 3J Consulting

Location: Beaverton
Website: 3jconsulting.com
Oregon employees: 30 | Score: 602.66

This employer has a full gym and outdoor space for meetings and gatherings. Outdoor activities such as happy hours and fundraising walks build staff rapport. “It is a place that encourages growth and relationships rather than focusing on the bottom line and making the most money,” notes one staffer.

21. Twenty Four 7

Location: Portland
Website: twentyfour7.com
Oregon employees: 29 | Score: 600.35

This creative agency hosts several activities for its employees to bond, including team retreats and holiday celebrations. Staff have flexibility to manage work and family life. Employees feel their opinions are heard. “I feel supported, trusted and encouraged to not only make decisions, but to be – and explore – myself while doing it.”

22. Upward Technology

Location: Portland
Website: moveitupward.com
Oregon employees: 17 | Score: 600.06

Unlimited PTO, flexible work-from-home policy, and paid time off for community work and volunteering are among the benefits at this B-Corp certified IT services provider. Employees feel supported by managers and are awarded with promotions.

Sponsored enhanced listing:S22UpwardTechnology

Upward Technology is a leader in delivering best-in-class IT, Cybersecurity and Digitization services. We are extremely proud of the amazing and growing team we have built.

23. Cable Hill Partners

Location: Portland
Website: cablehill.com
Oregon employees: 17 | Score: 594.94

This wealth management company offers paid parental leave, an educational assistance program, charitable matching and paid volunteer time. Employees feel managers support their professional growth. “It is a very professional environment with a family atmosphere,” says a staffer. Generous benefits go down well too.

24. CIDA Architects and Engineers

Location: Portland
Website: cidainc.com
Oregon employees: 34 | Score: 592.42

Employees praise managers for involving workers in their decision-making. The company offers paid volunteer time and good work-life balance. “There are many opportunities for self-growth and professional growth,” says a staffer. An environment of team camaraderie and open communication make this a popular place to work.

Sponsored enhanced listing:S24 CIDA

CIDA is honored once again to have been named one of the 100 Best Companies. Thank you to all of our employees for your dedication and spirit over the last 30 years and for honoring us again with this award.

25. Larkins Vacura Kayser

Location: Portland
Website: lvklaw.com
Oregon employees: 15 | Score: 591.34

A collaborative and supportive team environment is how employees describe working at this law firm. Senior partners care about the well-being of staff and go out of their way to ensure their success, according to one employee. “Everyone is respectful, everyone has a great work ethic and is appreciative,” says another.

26. Jackson County Physical Therapy

Location: Medford
Website: jc-pt.com
Oregon employees: 34 | Score: 590.47

A family-friendly, flexible work environment are adjectives that employees frequently use to describe this employer. A focus on helping staff reach their personal and professional goals makes this a popular place to work. “Best communication between all staff that I have ever experienced,” says one contented staffer.

27. Wicks Emmett

Location: Roseburg
Website: wicksemmett.com
Oregon employees: 20 | Score: 587.67

Good work-life balance, telecommuting and flexible hours are among the benefits of working for this accounting firm. “The employees are given opportunities for growth, and the firm is always quick to recognize accomplishments,” says one employee. Managers are transparent about financials and are committed to staff training.

28. First Choice Appraisal Management

Location: Portland
Website: firstchoiceamc.com
Oregon employees: 27 | Score: 585.88

This employer builds  positive culture through a variety of activities, including scavenger hunts, fitness competitions, volunteering and SOLVE beach clean-ups. “Strong value in teamwork, personal connections, opportunities for rewards and bonuses” is how one employee describes working here.

Sponsored enhanced listing:S28 FirstChoiceAppraisal2

First Choice Appraisal Management provides compliant managed appraisal solutions for financial institutions. Congratulations to our happy teammates, comprised of the industry’s friendliest experts, who made us a winner on the 100 Best List of Oregon companies!

29. Rizzo Mattingly Bosworth

Location: Portland
Website: rizzopc.com
Oregon employees: 18 | Score: 585.46

A culture of open communication and transparency makes this law firm a best company to work for. An emphasis on work-life balance and flexible schedules contributes to the overall positive environment. “Management invites and participates in respectful, open, clear and transparent communication,” says one happy staffer.

30. McKean Smith

Location: Portland
Website: mckeansmithlaw.com
Oregon employees: 27 | Score: 585.45

There is a family-feel atmosphere at this law firm. Employees are supported to grow professionally. Solid benefits and compassionate managers make this a popular employer. “I don’t feel as if I am a cog in the machine; my individuality and skills that I bring to the table are celebrated.”

31. Skin by Lovely

Location: Portland
Website: skinbylovely.com
Oregon employees: 27 | Score: 585.31

This skin care clinic reimburses employees for pursuing continuing industry education. Discounts on products, monthly performance bonuses and monthly awards based on peer nominations are among the perks. “The plan for advancement in my position is transparent and clearly laid out,” says a staffer.

Sponsored enhanced listing:S31 SkinbyLoveley

As Oregon’s #1 Botox® Clinic, Skin by Lovely’s mission is to ignite self-love through medical aesthetics & skin rejuvenation treatments. We are incredibly honored to be nominated and included on the 100 Best Companies to Work For in Oregon.

32. McCoy Millwork

Location: Portland
Website: mccoymillwork.com
Oregon employees: 30 | Score: 582.80

Employees at this family-owned building materials supplier rave about the caring and fun work environment. Managers support staffers’ personal and professional goals, and employees feel they are respected and their opinions heard. “Everyone has a voice and has freedom to try new ideas,” says one happy staffer.

33. Cascade Insights

Location: Oregon City
Website: cascadeinsights.com
Oregon employees: 15 | Score: 582.51

This market research company is committed to a virtual workplace, allowing employees the flexibility to work from home while providing opportunities for engaging colleagues. Employees feel their personal and professional growth is supported and can pursue projects that interest them and that align with the company’s goals.

Sponsored enhanced listing:S33 CascadeInsights

Cascade Insights empowers B2B technology companies with custom market research and marketing solutions. We are grateful for our employees who are constantly discovering new ways to make our organization better every day.

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