Lawmakers save in-home care

Oregon’s Legislative Emergency Board shifts $17 million to save in-home care and other human services programs.

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Oregon’s Legislative Emergency Board met today to discuss shifting $17 million in order to save in-home care and other human services programs.

The money would carry programs over until February, when the 2011 legislative session starts.

Essentially, lawmakers are planning to draw $17 million to ease or eliminate some spending cuts resulting from across-the-board reductions ordered by Gov. Ted Kulongoski. The governor acted after a projected shortfall of $577 million in tax collections for the state general fund.

Unlike the governor, the E-Board can shift money within divisions of an agency budget, although it cannot shift money between agencies.

Of that total, about half — $15.4 million — will be drawn from $30 million set aside by lawmakers in their February session for caseload growth in human services. About $1.7 million will come from savings from a federal drug rebate.


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