eWind Solutions develops wind-harvesting kites

The Beaverton-based startup has created eWind kites, an alternative to wind turbines.

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“Our system is four times more efficient than other small wind turbine systems because it operates at altitudes that are above surface turbulence where the wind is more consistent,” said David Schaefer, CEO of eWind Solutions and a former director of engineering at Xerox in the eWind press release. “From a single kite system, we will be able to produce about 45,000-50,000 kilowatt hours per year, which can power four or five homes, or one large farm. Our device generates energy equal to a traditional 50 kW wind turbine, but you don’t need to build and maintain towers.”

eWind Soultions says its targeted customer base are farmers, vineyards and rural residents.

The startup recently received a Small Business Innovation Research grant from the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture and is in collaboration with Oregon BEST.