Coolest Cooler offers backers ways to expedite delivery

Founder Ryan Greeper sent an update to backers Tuesday offering ways to speed up delivery.

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Grepper wrote that his company is in “advanced discussions with a number of potential partners” but said he couldn’t share specifics. If the company does find an investor, he said, delivering the coolers to backers would be the primary focus.

The second path Grepper outlined was a possible option for backers waiting for their coolers to pay an extra $97 – on top of the amount originally pledged – to expedite delivery. The company is offering the option after several backers asked to pay the remaining cost so they could get their cooler faster, he said.

…Near the end of the update, under the third “path,” Grepper announced the company will start selling the coolers to the general market for more than backers paid for them. He said the company will use the profits to produce and deliver backers’ coolers.

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Grepper said last month that he was losing money on every cooler made.

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