Kickstarter darling, Coolest Cooler, set to ship

The Oregon entrepreneur who raised more than $13 million said his product will begin shipping Friday.

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The Oregon entrepreneur who raised more than $13 million said his product, the Coolest Cooler, will begin shipping Friday.

Ryan Grepper will rely heavily on Makerbot Industries LLC technology to deliver all of the components of the ballyhooed prototype.

The tricked out portable cooler — it features bluetooth speakers and a built-in, ice-crushing blender — attracted more than 62,600 investors backed the Portland-designed product on Kickstarter, but shipments were delayed thanks largely to a series of upgrades Grepper made to the final product.

Those upgrades, he noted on a blog post last month, has also upped the retail price of the product: “Most of you backed this project at around $200, but in fact, with all these upgrades the market analysis has shown that the Coolest will retail at $485 when it goes on pre-order sale to the public shortly,” Grepper wrote in a blog post last month on the Kickstarter page. “That’s the magic of backing a Kickstarter campaign.”

(SOURCE: Portland Business Journal)

Non-backers can pre-order the product at a higher retail price now.


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