Former Uber employee says investigator entered her home without permission

Portland resident Morgan Richardson said the app’s investigator entered her home while seeking information about sexual assault accusations leaked to BuzzFeed.

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Buzzfeed obtained a cease-and-desist letter from Richardson’s Portland attorney, Martin Dolan, that says on March 25 at 7:30 am, an Uber investigator pounded on Richardson’s door and then when she opened the door to speak to him, entered without permission.

…An Uber spokesperson told Buzzfeed that an investigator did visit Richardson’s home but denied the investigator entered. The Buzzfeed post doesn’t name the spokesperson.

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Uber claims Richardson leaked confidential customer information.

Morgan Richardson, a former Uber worker in Portland, Oregon, alleges that Uber’s legal and security and law enforcement director, Craig Clark, contacted her on March 4 in response to a BuzzFeed News article about leaked internal data regarding rape and sexual assault. According to Richardson’s attorney, Clark “asked her a series of questions” and “began to accuse her of taking certain screenshots and giving them to the media.”

…An Uber spokesperson told BuzzFeed News the investigation is ongoing, adding that “we have an obligation to look into situations like this where sensitive confidential and personal information has been shared.”

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