Astoria Planning Commission approves Reach Break Brewing

The microbrewery will set up shop on Duane Street, with hopes of establishing a food cart lot.

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The applicant is Josh Allison who says he is a resident of Sweet Home Oregon. In testimony last night, Allison told the Planning Commission that he does have some plans in mind for the future of the business that might include off-site distribution and an off-site brewpub but for now Reach Break is starting small. He said the main brewing facility would stay at the Duane Street location.

The plan envisions food trucks on the business parking lot instead of the business running its own kitchen. Sketches of the completed building show nice upgrades to the façade but no additional construction. In answer to a question from Commissioner Jan Mitchell, Allison said he would be happy to continue to welcome the Thursday Farmers’ Market on the property. ‘That would be awesome,’ he said and added that the market would provide great positive exposure for his new business.