Intel moves forward with diversity accounting

Intel released a report showing 43.1 percent of new hires are women and minorities. The semiconductor giant also advised fellow tech companies to release similar analyses to advance inclusiveness in the tech industry.

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Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft — companies that value metrics so much — have not publicly stated any measurable goals when it comes to diversity hiring, or the retention of employees. They haven’t disclosed the numbers of new hires or of exits from their companies, by gender and race.

Facebook, Google and Microsoft say their goals are not publicly available. An Apple spokesperson says the company has purposely decided to not set goals.


Intel CEO Brian Krzanich told NPR that Intel’s goal was to reach “full representation” by 2020.

Women hires in tech and leadership roles did’t reach the 50-percent benchmark for big tech companies in 2015, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The same WSJ report shows minorires fill less leadership postions than whites.


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