Intel claims progress in diversity hiring

The company touts moderate increases for women and African Americans in its work force.

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Intel touted moderate increases for women and African Americans in its work force in a mid-year report released Wednesday.

“Despite the challenge to show progress against a very large employee base, in only six months, we are proud to show early, positive momentum towards achieving our long-term goals. Since the end of 2014, we have driven shifts in our employee demographics aligned to the goal of achieving full workforce representation in the U.S. by 2020,” the report’s summary read.

Some highlights from the Intel Diversity in Technology study:

  • The company is exceeding its goal of 40% diversity hires with a rate of 43.3%
  • It is hiring women at a rate of 35.2%, its goal was 31%
  • The number of women and minorities in leadership roles has increased

The progress report also laid out a plan for the future: “The foundation of Intel’s commitment to diversity is the stated goal to achieve full representation of women and underrepresented minorities3 in Intel’s U.S. workforce by 2020. Full representation will be achieved when Intel’s workforce is representative of the talent available in the U.S. This also includes a more balanced representation in senior leadership and our Board of Directors.”

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