CenturyLink sees increase in customer complaints, but Comcast still fields the most

Oregon regulators saw a 30% increase in complaints from CenturyLink customers in 2015.

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Oregon regulators saw a 30% increase in complaints from CenturyLink customers in 2015.

The company is struggling to implement expanded service.

The company provides landline phone service in Portland and much of the rest of Oregon. That business is fading rapidly as consumers switch to cell phones, soCenturyLink began offering fast, fiber-optic Internet service in parts of Portland in 2014. This year, it added a broad rollout of a cable TV service called Prism.

As the new services arrive, though, CenturyLink is attracting fresh scrutiny from regulators and more complaints from its customers. CenturyLink blamed the rise in complaints on the weather.

“Our dedicated crews are working hard to provide quality installation and repair services during this period of unusually high rain fall,” CenturyLink vice president Darrion Bowers said in a written statement in response to the higher complaint volumes. “We will continue to work with the Commission to address any issue brought to our attention.”

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But when it comes to customer complaints nationally, Comcast remains the worst of the worst. It has received 11,812 complaints for 11 months in 2015; its closest competitor had half of that number.

At first glance, some might think it makes sense for Comcast to have a larger raw number of upset subscribers because it has more customers overall. But the percentages don’t add up.

Comcast has 22.9 million broadband subscribers, and AT&T, Verizon and TWC combine for 38 million yet have far fewer complaints, according to Ars Technica.

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