Regulators advise CenturyLink to alter customer service practices

The cable provider has been put on notice after regularly providing subpar service.

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For CenturyLink, long waits for installation and customer service are commonplace.

As a result, the cable provider has been put on notice by regulators after regularly providing subpar service.

Cable regulators’ warning is the first step in a long process that gives CenturyLink several opportunities to improve its performance before facing financial penalties.

Such warnings are historically infrequent, according to Mary Beth Henry, the cable commission’s manager, but occur more commonly with newly granted franchises or after a company is sold. The commission’s last penalty was a $30,000 sanction imposed on Comcast for failing to resolve problems with its phone answering standards in 2012 and 2013.

In 2000 and 2001, AT&T Broadband – which held regional cable franchises now controlled by Comcast – faced hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines after repeated failures to improve its customer service. Clark County regulators threatened more than $1 million in penalties as the problem persisted, but AT&T sold its cable business to Comcast and performance improved.


As a CenturyLink customer myself, I can attest to having a similar experience as the customers in Mike Rogoway’s story above.

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