Federal agency asks for some Cover Oregon money back

Failed healthcare website continues to be a headache for Oregon government.

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Failed healthcare website Cover Oregon continues to be a headache for the state government.

Now the Feds want some of their money back.

Now, under pressure from Congress, the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services has been poring through spending by states on their website projects. And in Oregon, it has identified more than $800,000 in expenditures it considers “not allowable,” according to the state Department of Consumer and Business Services, which has taken over Cover Oregon’s functions. The news was first reported by Willamette Week.

One expenditure is $382,179 in retention bonuses that Cover Oregon started paying in June 2014 for staff it considered crucial. As soon as DCBS took over from Cover Oregon, its director, Pat Allen, rescinded a further round of scheduled bonuses.

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