Portland app builder adds San Francisco Muni option

GlobeSherpa’s mobile ticketing app launches San Francisco iteration.

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GlobeSherpa’s mobile ticketing app launches San Francisco iteration.

The Portland-based startup struck a deal with the transit agency in January 2015.

Similar to TriMet’s app, users can purchase fares for one-day or multiple-day tickets. Riders can purchase and store tickets through the MuniMobile app for bus, rail and cable car tickets operated by SFMTA. However, the monthly passes are still available through the agency’s existing reusable Clipper card.

“While many of our riders now pay for transit using a Clipper Card, more than half are still using cash,” said Ed Reiskin, SFMTA Director of Transportation in a written statement. “So in a continuing effort to advance Muni forward, the SFMTA sought a hand-held easy-to-use smartphone application that makes boarding more efficient and ultimately quickens commute times. Our confidence in MuniMobile is buoyed by the positive rider feedback during Beta testing … this literally puts riding in-the-hands of Muni riders.”

(SOURCE: Portland Business Journal)

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