Kitzhaber reemerges to criticize the Oregonian

Former governor breaks months-long silence to blast the state’s largest newspaper.

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Former Gov. John Kitzhaber has broken his months-long silence to blast the state’s largest newspaper.

Kitzhaber took issue with stories by Oregonian reporters that were later unceremoniously corrected.

“Although I was not contacted concerning the retraction, the admission by The Oregonian that it knowingly and materially altered a public document and inserted false information into a direct quote to support a predetermined narrative exposes a troubling pattern, which includes both factual errors and the selective mischaracterization of public records,” Kitzhaber wrote.

“After reviewing tens of thousands of my emails,” Kitzhaber said, “The Oregonian has resorted to inaccurate and misleading stories to keep its narrative alive. This raises questions about the standards of accuracy and journalistic ethics that guide its reporting and deserves further scrutiny.”

(SOURCE: Statesman Journal)

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