How much will it cost to sell recreational pot in Portland?

For a medical dispensary to launch sales on Oct. 1, it could be a minimum of $2,500.

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For a medical marijuana dispensary in Portland to launch recreational sales on Oct. 1, it could cost a minimum of $2,500.

The startup costs for a retail store will be even higher, according to city documents released Friday. It will cost entrepreneurs $3,750 in fees, if the plan is accepted.

The city is giving medical dispensaries extra time to apply. They can start selling to all adults Oct. 1, but don’t need to submit a license application until Dec. 1.

But it appears city officials are springing another huge change on medical dispensaries. The dispensaries will have to pay $2,500 to keep operating in Portland, whether or not they plan to sell recreational weed, says Victor Salinas, Portland’s marijuana policy program coordinator.

(SOURCE: Willamette Week)

A license to sell liquor is $100 up front with a $35 yearly fee.

City officials say the fees are needed to recoup costs to administer the marijuana program in the city.

Oregon is trying to learn from mistakes made by Washington and Colorado when rolling out their recreational industries. Those states “significantly underestimated the cost of responding” to the growing industry, city documents say. Denver saw 941 license applications for retail shops its first year, while Washington received 7,000 applications for 334 locations set aside for retail stores.

Portland is estimating $169,000 in start-up fees, plus $889,462 in ongoing costs to run the regulatory program. The Office of Neighborhood Involvement, which runs the marijuana program, will ask for money to pay for five new positions later this fall. The office will ask to add the positions later this fall.


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