Oregon’s ‘Timber Belt’ a desired destination for retirees

Will seniors help revitalize rural Oregon?

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Will seniors help revitalize rural Oregon?

A new report from the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis reveals an allure to relocating Californians isn’t unique to Portland.

“In general, these incoming migrants are different than the households moving out,” the analysts wrote. “Much of the time they are older and relocate to rural Oregon as they retire or reduce their work hours.”

The new residents of rural Oregon bring a “lifetime of experience” and wealth, “often in the form of California home equity,” McMullen and Lehner wrote.


Another tidbit in the report: Rural Oregon is a great place to start a family.

Harvard University’s Equality of Opportunity Project found that a rural Oregon child born at the bottom income level had a strong probability of reaching the top level as an adult, the authors said. Among more than 700 communities nationwide, the Oregon towns of Burns, Condon, Enterprise, John Day and Lake­view were among the top third in fostering such success, according to McMullen and Lehner.

(SOURCE Capital Press)

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