How much revenue will the pot-free counties miss?

Turns out, not much.

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A number of Oregon jurisdictions have opted out of the legal marijuana market, disqualifying themselves for a share of tax revenue from sales.

But how much will they actually miss? Turns out, not much.

For example, Crook County would have only received about $4,500 for 2017 sales.

The Bend Bulletin explains why:

According to the Legislative Revenue Office, up to $7.4 million in net revenue will be generated for a state shared account after the first period of recreational sales.

Tax dollars from recreational marijuana will initially be distributed to cities and counties based on population estimates from Portland State University’s Population Research Center.

The state will divvy up 10 percent of the shared revenue among counties and 10 percent among cities. Local governments that ban marijuana are left out of the equation, creating a bigger piece of the pie for the rest.

(SOURCE: Bend Bulletin)

In 2018, though, total revenue is expected to increase to $28.8 million.


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