Marketing Oregon’s wines

Southern Oregon’s wine producers are banding together to find a marketing and distribution strategy that will boost the region.

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Wineries in Southern Oregon know they need a new marketing and distribution strategy, but they don’t know what it is.

Less than half of the wine produced in Southern Oregon is consumed by Oregon buyers, so new marketing strategies using social media tools are among those being explored.

The challenge for owners and operators of the 113 vineyards and 42 licensed wineries in the grape-growing area known as the Rogue Appellation is cranking up brand recognition and an understanding of the region’s diverse offerings. The Willamette Valley is synonymous with pinot noir, but it’s not that simple for Southern Oregon.

“One of our strengths is also a weakness in that we do a wide variety of wines well,” Lotspeich says. “Over the years people have tried to identify what wine or product might be our signature offering. But with our micro-climates and diverse soil types, I don’t know if this valley will ever hang its hat on a single varietal.”

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