Professor allegedly fired from Eugene university for pregnancy out of wedlock

Northwest Christian University allegedly gave woman an ultimatum after she informed her supervisors she was pregnant.

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The Northwest Christian University dean of faulty allegedly gave an assistant professor an ultimatum after she informed her supervisors that she was pregnant out of wedlock.

The order: Marry your partner now, or break up with him.

When Coty Richardson refused, she was fired, her suit contends.

“NCU’s response was swift, blunt, and unequivocal,” the suit says. “… According to (Dr. Dennis Lindsay), the issue was that she was going to be ‘showing’ soon and that many of the students and staff would start to ‘ask questions.’ Dr. Lindsay then demanded that she explain the status of her relationship with her partner.”


Richardson already has two kids from previous partners.

“Dr. Lindsay told Ms. Richardson that having a child out of wedlock while still continuing a relationship with the father was inconsistent with the University’s core values and mission and set a ‘bad example’ for the students,” the suit states. published the suit here.


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