Corban University Stands Ready to Support Transfer Students from Concordia University

In  response to  the  announcement  on  February  10  that  115-year-old  Concordia  University in  Portland  would be  closing  after  this  semester,  Corban  University  expressed  prayers  and  support.

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On Monday,  Corban  President  Dr. Sheldon  C.  Nord  reached  out  to  Concordia  President  Thomas  Ries  to share  his deepest  sympathies,  and  express  that  Corban  stands ready  to  support  students  in  search  of  a new home for  their  higher  education  experience.  Later  that  week,  Dr. Nord  and  Provost  Dr. Tom Cornman  traveled  to  Portland  to  meet  with administration  at  Concordia  and  further  discuss  ways Corban  can  prepare to  accept  students  who  are interested  in  transferring and  completing  their education  at  Corban.

Dr. Nord  said,  “The  closing of Concordia  is  a  significant  loss  to  higher  education  in  Oregon.  Our  prayers go  out  to  the  families  affected  by  this  transition  –  including  families of  staff,  faculty,  administration,  and students  –  that  Christ  would  provide  comfort  and  direction  in  this  difficult  time.  We are  saddened  to lose this  prestigious  academic  partner.”

The  Admissions  office  at  Corban  has  already  begun  receiving  inquiries  and  at  least  one transfer application,  and  is  prepared  to  offer  additional  transfer  students  support  and  a  smooth  experience. Transfer  students  are  invited to  visit  to  begin  the  application  process.

Transfer  students  make  up  a  significant  part  of  the  Corban  community  (with  a  record  number of students  transferring  to  Corban  in  Fall  2019).  Students  looking to  complete  their  degrees  efficiently  and affordably  will be  welcomed  at  Corban  in  our  traditional undergraduateonline,  and  graduate programs.  

Corban  stands ready  to  assist  students  in  search  of  a  higher  education  home  following  Concordia’s closure,  and  would  be  honored  to  offer  transfer  students  a  place  to  complete  their  education.


About  Corban:  Corban University is  a  private  university with an  85-year  history  of  educating  Christians to  MAKE  A DIFFERENCE.  Situated  on a  beautiful  forested  hillside  overlooking  Oregon’s  capital,  Corban  is only  an  hour  from Portland,  the  Cascade Mountains,  and  the  Oregon  coast. Academic  excellence at  the undergraduate,  graduate,  and  doctoral  levels,  as well  as online,  prepares students for  careers as business leaders,  educators,  medical  professionals,  politicians,  ministry leaders,  and  more.  Expert faculty,  a  tight-knit  community,  and  opportunities  for  local  and  global  engagement  provide for  students’ growth  both  in  and  beyond  the  classroom.