Democratic socialist presidential candidate to make Portland speech

Bernie Sanders will hold rally Sunday at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

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Independent Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will hold a rally Sunday at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Portland.

It remains unclear if Democrats will be able to vote for the far-left candidate when it comes time to cast their primary ballots.

“This question is still actively under review, and we appreciate that a thorough and accurate review will take time. We will have an answer soon,” said Laura Terrill, special assistant to Secretary of State Jeanne Atkins.

Michael Briggs, the communications director for Sanders’ national campaign, said party registration shouldn’t be an issue in Oregon or any other state. Briggs says Vermont has an open primary election system that does not allow party registration. Despite that, Sanders has historically caucused with the Democrats in the Senate, who appointed him lead the Veterans Affairs Committee in the past.

SOURCE: Portland Tribune

Sanders’ campaign officials are expecting a packed house and an enthusiastic reception for the candidate’s message: getting money out of politics and fighting income inequality.

Want to see his main competitor and probable-nominee Hillary Clinton this week? Well, she’ll be in town on Aug. 5, but her event is invitation-only, costs $2,700 if you get one of those invites and is taking place at the home of “Democratic Party insiders Win McCormack and Carol Butler.” So you’re not going to that.

And just to keep things a little interesting on the Democratic side, since they don’t have Donald Trump, Joe Biden is apparently thinking about running for president, too. Will he inappropriately touch his way to the White House? For now, we can only speculate. In the meantime, unless you plan to be joining your fellow Portlanders in a major session of Sunday preaching to the choir next weekend, avoid the Rose Quarter on Aug. 9.

SOURCE: Willamette Week

Expect a lively atmosphere in the arena as Sanders has built an ardent base among millennials and far-left progressives.

Sanders has proposed a $15 federal minimum wage. The Washington Post ran a story examining what that would mean for each state.

The Pew Research Center used regional price parities, supplied by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, to estimate how fluctuations in purchasing power affect the real implications of a $15 minimum wage around the country. Many of the findings are fairly obvious — in New York City, where things are 22.3 percent more expensive than the national average, the hike wouldn’t mean quite as much as it would in Macon, Georgia, where prices are 12.2 percent below average.

But the overarching takeaway is still an important one. The map at left shows the real purchasing power of $15 in every state. In Honolulu, the priciest urban area in the United States, a $15 minimum wage is worth only about $12.24; in rural West Virginia, meanwhile, where prices are lower than anywhere else in the country, $15 is worth closer to $20. The only place where $15 is actually worth $15 is Allentown, Pennsylvania, according to Pew.

Read the story here.

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