Oregon Business Climate Declaration draws 400 companies

Businesses around the state pledge to combat climate change.

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More than 400 businesses have signed the Oregon Business Climate Declaration.

The original signatories included the Portland Trail Blazers, Nike and Moda.

The Oregon Business Climate Declaration says there’s a “clear and present need for action on climate to protect our region’s natural assets, its vibrant communities and its growing economy.”

Organizers of the Declaration had hoped to get 350 businesses on board because 350 is a significant number in the sustainable business world: It’s the number, in parts per million, of carbon dioxide that needs to be reduced in order to “preserve a planet similar to that on which civilization developed,” according to famed climatologist James Hansen.

(SOURCE: Portland Business Journal)

In a news release, President and CEO of Moda, Robert Gootee said: “We have an opportunity to build Oregon’s competitive advantage by leading in clean technologies and saving through efficiency.

“We already have some of the best and brightest minds designing green buildings, developing smart urban planning, advancing clean fuels, practicing sustainable agriculture and so much more. Many of these are exportable goods and services that give our region an economic advantage —and set the standard for social responsibility.”

The pledge was organized by Climate Solutions, the Oregon Environmental Council and Northwest Businesses for Climate Action.

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According to the PBJ, some notable additions to the declaration include KEEN, Lyft, New Seasons, Ben & Jerry’s, Pacific Continental and Blue Star Gas.

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