What I’m reading: David Kenney

0513 BOB WIR Kenney 01Oregon BEST President & Executive Director David Kenney shares what he’s reading.

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Oregon BEST President & Executive Director David Kenney shares what he’s reading.

0513 BOB WIR Kenney 01

Elizabeth Street By Laurie Fabiano

“Elizabeth Street caught my eye when I was browsing the Amazon Prime “borrow for free” titles because I live on Elizabeth Street in Portland. The title actually refers to a street in New York and is about a first-generation Italian immigrant to the United States in the early part of the 20th century. I really enjoyed this novel because it told a story in a time/place/culture I didn’t have much knowledge of and it was a well-written, engaging story that highlighted how challenging life was for new immigrants to the United States during the time that New York emerged as one of the major cities in the world.”

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Excessive Entanglement By Nick D’Arbeloff 

“I met the author last year at a clean energy conference. He was the founder of the New England Clean Energy Council, an organization I interact with professionally and I heard he had written this self-published political thriller. Less literature and more poolside reading than Elizabeth Street, it tells a very fast-paced entertaining story set in the future. The earth is dealing with an even larger population, climate change and other issues, and a planet has been discovered that scientists believe will be inhabitable by humans. There’s a battle between secular progressives and religious conservatives, some arcane Senate rules used to end a filibuster, futuristic technologies and some decent intrigue — and, like other self-published books, some typos.”