SamplingLab targets millennials with giveaways

North Portland marketing company has signed up 6,000 members to test products.

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North Portland marketing company has signed up 6,000 members to test products for free.

Participants agree to pay with their two cents, according to

Davis says the business model is geared toward millennials, customers between 18-35 who like free products and are willing to share their experiences via social media: “Millennials don’t dislike brands they just dislike brands that don’t listen, so we’re letting the brands listen and giving a voice to our members,” Davis said. 

Davis says a member’s personal information will not be handed out to companies but used to make sure customers fill out the online survey after every visit. Once a member gives them feedback, they can return to pick up a different product for free.

One of the company’s featured so far by SamplingLab is Dave’s Killer Bread, which can now be found in all 50 states.

From the Portland Business Journal:

CEO John Tucker reports the company will begin distributing its Good Seed and other products in its last three states — Maine, Rhode Island and Mississippi — by the end of May. It’s a dramatic development for Dave’s, formed 10 years ago by Dave Dahl. The one-time black sheep of the Dahl family, which owned NatureBake, rejoined the family business and 10 years ago, created Dave’s Killer Bread as a subsidiary to pursue his inventive recipes. …

Tucker, who became CEO a few months after the deal, said the 50-state expansion is supported by its home bakery in Milwaukie and a contract bakeries in key geographic locations around the country. Its 21 Whole Grains & Seeds variety (green bag) is its top seller nationwide and is typically the top seller in new markets as well. The company reports it has 200,000 “Breadhead” fans on Facebook.