Get paid to park your car at the airport

FlightCar, which wants to rent your parked car while you’re out of town, is launching in Portland today.

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FlightCar, which wants to rent your parked car while you’re out of town, launches in Portland today.

The company aims to make use of a car that wasn’t previously used, shaking up the car rental and parking markets, reports.

Outbound travelers willing to make their cars available for rental will leave them at no charge at the Holiday Inn parking lot off Airport Way starting Tuesday. After dropping off their keys at a green FlightCar shack at the lot, vehicle owners can hop on a shuttle bus to the terminal. Meanwhile, someone flying into Portland would pay between 5 cents and 40 cents per mile to use it, depending on demand and vehicle. (You’re not going to pay as much for a 2001 Nissan Sentra on a Wednesday in October as a Tesla Model S on the Fourth of July.)

The company says long-term travelers can make up to $300 per month after FlightCar takes its cut. Every rental, reserved with an app or online, is insured up to $1 million. Regardless of whether or not someone’s car is rented while they’re out of town, their car is washed and vacuumed by FlightCar.

The company now operates in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and eight other cities. 

“I was doing a lot of traveling at the time,” CEO Kevin Petrovic said to Joseph Rose. “Rather than just leaving a car sitting at the airport, I thought this is an opportunity for people to make money and save a lot of money, too.”

Using the startup’s service could make sense for residents of far-flung areas in Oregon who would park at the airport anyway.

You just need to get over having a stranger operating your car, the Statesman Journal writes.

For the first few weeks, Petrovic said, the company will only accept cars for parking through a standard monthly program. Once the number of available cars adds up, then the company plants to implement the rental portion. According to officials at the Portland airport, the process of ensuring that FlightCar had all the necessary permissions was “seamless.”

“They pay for access to the airport for transportation and pickup, which is the same as we offer to our hotels,” said Michael Huggins, landside operations manager at the airport. “That agreement (for parking space) is actually through the hotel. They’re renting space from the Holiday Inn, so it’s a sublease through their property.”


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