Taxes won’t keep businesses from coming to Oregon

While some say the upcoming tax measures are bad for business, companies looking to move to Oregon don’t seem worried.

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Lane Metro Partnership head Jack Roberts, who is responsible for bringing businesses into Lane County, says out-of-state companies looking to move to Oregon don’t seem worried about the implications of Measures 66 and 67.

Yet opponents say the measures’ higher corporate and personal income taxes will hurt Oregon’s business climate.

Roberts said Oregon is attractive — and would continue to be regardless of the election outcome on measures 66 and 67 — for reasons that go beyond the overall tax burden. He said the particulars of Oregon’s business tax system include property tax waivers within “enterprise zones” and a tax formula that favors companies whose goods are sold outside the state. That makes Oregon an ideal home for the most sought-after employers: those who bring dollars into the state’s economy from markets beyond its borders, he said.

Roberts said he dislikes the permanence of some of the taxes in the two measures and philosophically disagrees with tax increases that hit the business sector and high earners instead of distributing the burden more broadly. But he is supporting the two measures because he sees no substantial economic harm to outweigh the benefits of protecting education and basic services that are funded with state tax dollars.

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